PM Modi’s take on AI misuse with tech mogul Bill Gates

| Updated: 29 March, 2024 6:14 pm IST

NEW DELHI : In a recent conversation with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the need for a cautious approach towards the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), emphasising the importance of regulations to prevent potential misuse. PM Modi proposed the implementation of clear watermarks on AI-generated content to ensure transparency and prevent deception.

During the dialogue, PM Modi expressed concerns about the misuse of AI, such as the creation of deepfake content, which could lead to chaos if not properly regulated. “If such a good thing (AI) is given to someone without proper training, it is likely to be misused,” Modi stated. He stressed the significance of distinguishing authentic content from AI-generated deepfakes, particularly in a democratic country like India where anyone could use the technology.

Deepfake technology involves digitally altering videos to make a person appear as someone else, often used maliciously. PM Modi warned against viewing AI as a mere “magic tool,” which could result in injustices if used irresponsibly. “If AI is relied on out of laziness, then it is the wrong path,” he said.

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Prime Minister Modi emphasised the importance of setting definitive regulations and the ability to differentiate between genuine content and fabricated deepfake media.

“For example, they may misuse my voice. It can initially deceive people, leading to widespread chaos. It’s crucial to acknowledge that deepfake content is AI-generated and mention its source,” PM Modi said while addressing the issue of deepfake.

Bill Gates acknowledged the dual nature of AI as both a challenge and an opportunity. He described the current stage of AI development as the “early days,” marked by surprising capabilities and limitations. Gates also celebrated Microsoft’s 25-year presence in India, noting the country’s strength in economic growth and innovation.

A deepfake involves digitally modifying a person’s appearance in a video to impersonate someone else, often for malicious purposes or disseminating misinformation.

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