PM Modi’s Gifts To G7 Leaders: UP’s ODOP Gets Global Platform

| Updated: 28 June, 2022 5:52 pm IST
PM Modi showcased Uttar Pradesh’s government’s ‘One District One Product’ (ODOP) programme through various gifts to the leaders attending the G7 Summit

SCHLOSS ELMAU (GERMANY): Prime Narendra Modi is known for championing India’s traditional arts and crafts on the global stage through gifts to world leaders.

It was no different at the G7 Summit in Germany as PM Modi showcased Uttar Pradesh’s government’s ‘One District One Product’ (ODOP) programme through various gifts to the leaders attending the G7 Summit.

Navneet Sehgal, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, MSME, Government of Uttar Pradesh said: “It is a matter of great pride for us that our Hon’ble PM has gifted esteemed dignitaries the products handmade by our artisans who are part of the ODOP programme. This will provide great encouragement to all our artisans.”

The ODOP programme is an initiative of Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. It is aimed at encouraging the production and sale of indigenous products and handicrafts. The Central Government is now implementing the same scheme across the nation.

Gulabi Meenakari brooch and cufflink set was presented to US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden received a Gulaabi Meenakari, a GI-tagged art form of Varanasi. What distinguishes it from other meenakari is the layer of white meena which acts as an opaque canvas for hand-painted motifs. These cufflinks were prepared for President Biden with a matching brooch for the First Lady Jill Biden.

Platinum painted hand painted tea set was presented to UK PM Boris Johnson


The PM gifted a platinum hand-painted tea set to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The tea set is a specialty product from Bulandshahar. The crockery’s outlining was customized with platinum on the occasion of the English Monarch Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee which was celebrated recently.

PM Modi gifted Itr bottles in zardozi box to French President Emmanuel Macron


To the French President Emanuel Macron, PM gifted Itr bottles in a Zari Zadori box which has been hand embroidered on khadi silk and satin tissue in colours of the French National Flag. The contents of the box were Attar Mitti, an exclusive attar produced in UP’s Kannauj, Jasmine Oil, Attar Shamama, Attar Gulab, Exotic Musk and Garam Masala.

PM Modi gifted black pottery pieces to Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida


PM Modi gifted the Black Pottery set made in Nizamabad to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. The black pottery uses a special technique to bring out black colours while the pottery is inside the oven, it is ensured that there is no scope for oxygen to enter the oven and the heat level remains high. The pottery comes both with and without the inlay. In the inlaid pottery box, silver metal powder has been used for inlay. The circles are hand carved and then filled with metallic powder. The entire vessel is then fired one last time.

PM Modi gifted a Marble Inlay table top to Italy’s PM which has its origins in the Opus sectile – a form of pietra dura popularized in the ancient and medieval Roman world where materials were cut and inlaid into walls and floors to make a picture or pattern. This marble table top with Inlay work has its origin in Agra.

PM Modi gifted metal marodi carving matka to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz


The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz received a metal Moradi carving matka from the Indian PM. This nickel-coated, hand-engraved brass vessel is a masterpiece from District Moradabad, which is also known as the Peetal Nagari or “brass city” of Uttar Pradesh.

PM gifted moonj baskets and cotton durries to Senegal’s President Macky Sall


To Senegal’s President Macky Sall, PM Modi gifted Moonj baskets and cotton durries. The tradition of hand weaving is of generational value and has immense cultural significance and is also a family livelihood for the women of Senegal. The art of hand-weaving is passed down from mother to daughter of the families living there. The cotton durries are hand woven in the Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh.

Lacquerware Ram Durbar was given to Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo


PM Modi gifted Lacquerware Ram Durbar to Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo. The GI-tagged lacquerware art-form has its roots in the temple town of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that the Indonesian version of Ramayana was written during the Medang Kingdom (732-1006 AD) in Central Java. It is known as Kakawin Ramayana.

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