PM Modi lambasts Congress for ‘sowing seeds of discord within nation’

Modi’s speech was replete with pointed criticisms aimed squarely at the Congress, highlighting what he perceived as its failures and hypocrisies.

| Updated: 07 February, 2024 4:37 pm IST
Prime Minister Modi lambasts Congress in fiery rajya sabha speech

NEW DELHI: In a scathing address to the Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi minced no words as he launched a blistering attack on the Congress party, accusing it of a myriad of transgressions, from ceding the nation’s land to fostering divisive narratives.

Addressing the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address, Modi pulled no punches, asserting his unwavering commitment to the nation’s integrity and development agenda. Modi’s speech was replete with pointed criticisms aimed squarely at the Congress, highlighting what he perceived as its failures and hypocrisies.

He lambasted the erstwhile Congress government for allegedly surrendering significant swathes of Indian territory to adversaries, decrying their lack of action on critical national issues. With conviction, he said, “Congress was aware of problems facing the country, it did nothing to resolve them.

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“The Congress that handed over a large part of our land to our enemies, the Congress which stopped the modernisation of the country’s armies, is today giving us speeches on national security and internal security, the party which, after independence, remained confused, whether the development of industries is necessary or farming. The Congress could not decide whether nationalisation is important or privatisation. The party that brought India’s economy from number 12 to number 11 in 10 years.”

Modi didn’t shy away from challenging the Congress party’s moral authority either. He accused the grand old party of perpetuating divisive narratives and attempting to sow seeds of discord within the nation, alleging that they were now endeavoring to stoke a “north-south divide.

“We have heard you with a lot of patience, but today also you have come with the intention of not listening. Par meri awaz ko aap daba nahi sakte hai (You cannot suppress my voice). The people of the country have given strength to this voice.”

In a particularly pointed remark, Modi took a swipe at Congress Rajya Sabha leader Mallikarjun Kharge, referencing his recent remarks predicting a dismal performance for the Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. “I pray that you keep 40 seats,” Modi quipped, highlighting what he perceived as the Congress party’s diminishing political clout.

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Furthermore, Modi didn’t mince words when he criticised the Congress for what he deemed as its outdated ideologies and lack of vision. He asserted, “Congress’ thoughts have become outdated,” underscoring his belief in the need for progressive and forward-thinking governance.

Throughout his impassioned address, Modi underscored his administration’s commitment to steering the nation through challenging times and propelling it towards a brighter future, “We brought India’s economy to number five in just 10 years and the Congress is here to give us long speeches on economic policies,” asserted Modi.

He expressed gratitude towards the President for her address and reaffirmed his unwavering resolve to uphold democratic principles and drive inclusive growth.

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