Patna man weds transgender, gets threat from family; seeks protection

The couple allege that the man’s family assaulted them and demand a dowry of ₹60 lakhs

PATNA | Updated: 25 July, 2023 3:54 pm IST
Ravi Kumar and Adwika Chaudhary tied the not as per Hindu traditions in Delhi last month

PATNA: An unusual love marriage between a man and a transgender person has allegedly met with violence, threats and demand for dowry of a whopping ₹60 lakhs in Bihar’s Patna.

Patna resident Ravi Kumar (32) tied the knot with 30-year-old Adwika Chaudhary, a resident of Darbhanga, in the presence of other members of the transgender community a year ago.

However, their relationship was boycotted by their family members. Soon they started getting threats to part ways.

Recently, Ravi Kumar filed a complaint against his father Satyendra Singh, mother, and elder brother Dhananjay Singh for assaulting him and his wife over their unconventional marriage, at Danapur police station on the outskirts of Patna.

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Speaking to media persons, Chaudhary said that Kumar’s family members also demand a bribe of ₹60 lakhs as a precondition to accept their decision and welcome them into their home. If denied, she alleged, they would file fake cases.

The family members also allegedly threatened the couple of violence if their demands are not met.

Ravi Kumar (right) works with an online commerce platform 

Their love story took shape on the social media platform Instagram, where they forged a close friendship two years and they married in 2022. However, their happiness was short-lived. Upon returning home after their wedding, the couple was manhandled by Kumar’s family.

On his persistence, his family members asked him to marry the transgender woman again as per Hindu tradition, to which they readily agreed. The marriage as Hindu tradition was scheduled to take place in Delhi in June, but his parents did not turn up. Nonetheless, they got married again in the presence of their friends.

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Determined, when Ravi Kumar returned to his home in Patna with his newly-wed wife, they again faced violence and threats.

Speaking about the situation, Kumar expressed concerns for Adwika’s safety and said that his transgender wife is now preparing to seek protection from the Bihar Police under the Transgender Protection Act 2019. They both harbor a deep desire to live peacefully with their families and lead a life devoid of threats and intimidation, he said.

The police are currently investigating the matter.

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