Pakistan allocates Rs 27 lakhs for anti-India media coverage amid IMF dependency

Pakistan is allocating substantial funds for anti-India activities

NEW DELHI | Updated: 27 October, 2023 4:26 pm IST
Pakistan allocates funds for Anti-India media coverage

NEW DELHI: Amid a crippling economy that has forced Pakistan to seek loans from various countries, documents exclusively accessed by The New Indian reveal how Pakistan is allocating substantial funds for anti-India activities. The documents, originating from Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs – Kashmir Affairs Directorate, dated October 6, 2023, pertain to the observance of Kashmir Black Day on October 27, 2023, and indicate that Pakistan has allocated $9,500 (equivalent to Rs. 27,44,550), for the event.

The current state of Pakistan’s economy has led the nation to seek financial assistance from multiple countries, including Saudi Arabia, as it grapples with severe inflation and financial instability.

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The documents states the bifurcation of funds allocated for anti-India coverage
The documents states the bifurcation of funds allocated for Anti-India coverage


The letter states that the expenditure will be met from the budget grant of the Ministry for the current financial year 2023-24 under various heads of account. The letter also notes that this allocation received approval from the Foreign Secretary.

The documents further reveal that Pakistan has been preparing an elaborate toolkit for anti-India activities, calling upon pseudo-think tanks to propagate against India. The documents indicate a rate chart for the allocated $700 for media coverage, including the publication of articles in local newspapers, a short video on “Kashmir Black Day,” and the printing of banners and posters, as well as social media influencer posts.

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While Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are depleting rapidly and inflation has severely impacted the cost of living, the nation continues to conspire against India, making elaborate preparations for anti-India activities.

The Ministry of Finance’s internal assessment in Pakistan shows a considerable gap between planned loans and actual disbursements during the current fiscal year, highlighting the nation’s financial challenges.

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