Pak Woman’s Quest To Meet Telangana Lover Lands Her In Bihar Jail

| Updated: 05 November, 2022 6:50 pm IST
The young Pakistani woman wanted to meet her lover in Telangana.

What can you do to find the love of your life? Well, the answer varies. But for a young Pakistani woman, crossing the boundaries of two countries – even illegally is not something she would think about before embarking on a journey to India.

Khadija Noor, a native of Faisalabad in Pakistan, first travelled to Nepal and was on way to Telangana through the Indo-Nepal border in Bihar to meet a man she fell in love with, but as luck had it for her — she eventually ended up in a jail.

She fell in love with Saeed Ahmed, who she said is a resident of Telangana, on social media and decided to travel to India, transiting through Nepal.

However, her attempt to unite with her lover was cut short on the Indo-Nepal border when personnel of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) apprehended her as she failed to produce necessary documents in Bhitthamore, a small village in Mithila region of Bihar.

Although authorities have ruled out any ‘spy angle’ and maintained that she posed no threat to the national security, despite getting bail around 16 days back, the Pakistan woman could not be released because she could not produce two guarantors mandatory for the bail.

It has now been more than 84 days for her in a jail in Sitamarhi district.

In a video circulating on social media, Khadija – a frail, pale-skinned woman can be seen meekly trying to explain her situation to unknown persons who had apparently apprehended her. She is seen along with a person who she says is her lover’s brother who had come to receive her near the border and take her to the man in Telangana.

She also says that she came to India hoping to meet her lover. It was not clear whether the man of her heart met her in jail or tried to complete formalities. As her misery continues, Khadija must be thinking whether her adventure would end up in meeting with her lover or it could be a blunder.

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