Over 30 US cities duped by rapist Nithyananda’s fake nation Kailasa

| Updated: 17 March, 2023 4:25 pm IST

In a tragic-comic development, over 30 cities from the United States have been duped into signing some kind of agreement with the fictional country of Kailasa founded by alleged serial rapist Nithaynanda, who fled the country in 2019.

Representatives of Kailasa, which the fugitive “guru” founded in December 2019 after he fled India following summons from court, has been going around different US cities to sign cultural pacts and seeking recognition for his non-existent country.

The lid off this scam was blown when the city of Newark, New Jersey confirmed that it was duped over five days in January when Mayor Ras Baraka invited what he believed to be a delegation from the Hindu nation of Kailasa to join a sister city partnership.

A signing ceremony was held at which Baraka told a Kailasa delegate: “I pray that our relationship helps us to understand cultural, social, and political development and improves the lives of everybody in both places.”

In December 2019, Nithyananda declared that he had created a new “Hindu nation” called Kailaasa (also known as Shrikailasa) set up on one of the islands near Ecuador., and claimed to issue passports, currency, and other documents.

Apparently, it’s just not New Jersey, over 30 other states fell for Kailasa’s trap, reported Fox News.

Kailasa’s website has a separate section called “certificate of recognition” where Mayors of different US cities have recognised it as a country or a cultural partner, or have sent some kind of greetings.

It is still not understood how Kailasa’s motley group of saffron-clad, dreadlock-sporting, rudraksha-wearing men, and mostly white women pulled off this heist and took advantage of eminent officials with experience in policy and public affairs.

A few days back one key member represented the fictional country at a United Nations committee meeting. Later UN confirmed that Kailasa is not recognized by it and that the so-called country had participated as an NGO signing up for the event through an online link.

At the event, one Ma Vijayapriya, had appealed to the members of the committee to protect Kailasa and its founder Nithyananda from the “persecution from Indian authorities”.

In 2019, Nityananda, who has declared hismself the “Supreme pontiff of Hindus”, fled the country after he failed to appear before the court 40 times. In 2010, a non-bailable warrant was issued by the Karnataka sessions court against Nithyananda after he was accused of rape and child abuse. He was also named in a case of kidnapping and torture of children in Gujarat.

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