North East gets top priority: PM Inaugurates Itanagar’s Donyi Polo Airport

NEW DELHI | Updated: 19 November, 2022 5:02 pm IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first greenfield airport, Donyi Polo Airport in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh on Saturday. PM laid the foundation stone of the airport in February 2019, it has been developed in an area of over 690 acres, with a 2300 m runway, at a cost of more than Rs. 640 crores.

The airport is suitable for all weather day operations and the airport terminal is a modern building, which promotes energy efficiency, renewable energy and the recycling of resources.

The development of a new Airport in Itanagar will not only improve connectivity in the region but will also act as a catalyst for the growth of trade and tourism, thus providing a boost to the economic development of the region.



The Prime Minister said while addressing the people of Itanagar, “Earlier, remote border villages were treated as the last village but our government worked by considering the villages in the border areas as the first village of the country. Be it tourism or trade, telecom or textiles, be it drone technology or Krishi UDAAN, be it airport connectivity or port connectivity, the government has set the priority of development in the North East. This is a new era of expectations and aspirations and today’s programme is a perfect example of the new approach of India.”

The PM said that Donyi Polo Airport will be the fourth operational airport for Arunachal Pradesh, taking the total airport count in the North-East region to 16. From 1947 to 2014, only 9 airports were built in the North-East. In a short span of the last eight years, 7 airports have been built in the North-East.

The PM underlined the natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh and remarked that the state has great potential for tourism. The development of new airport infrastructure will create huge opportunities in the field of cargo services. As a result, the farmers of the state can now sell their produce to bigger markets.

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