Won’t allow anyone to become Rajasthan CM till killer hanged: Karni Sena as protests erupt

JAIPUR | Updated: 05 December, 2023 9:02 pm IST

JAIPUR: Following the death of Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena President Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, the national secretary, Makran, demanded an encounter of his killers, threatening to “burn down” the country, if Canadian citizen Rohit Godara, who claimed responsibility, is not arrested.

Koi CM nahi banega jab tak nyay nahi milega. Pure desh me aag laga denge (Nobody will become CM if justice is not served. We will set fire to the entire country if the killers are not found),” said Makran, adding, “This is the territory of the Rajputs and nobody can become CM if we do not get justice. Rohit Godara has already claimed responsibility, but what are we doing to arrest him?”


In a hail of stone-pelting, the protesting Rajputs took to the streets to demand the government to take the appropriate initiative to find out the killers of the murdered Karni Sena chief. “It is not just the failure of the government, but also the failure of the police and the law and order system in Rajasthan, as they have failed to locate and arrest the murderers, although such a majestic figure from our community is now dead,” Devsingh Rajawat, a member of the Congress Pradesh Committee, told to The New Indian.


The member of the Grand Old Party further added that the protest was not just of the Rajputs but of the entire 36 communities, or the “Chhattis Kaum”, who expressed that Gogamedi had been an indispensable part of their community. “Puri 36 kaum iss dharne me ek jut hai aur jab tak police inke hatiyaaron ko nahi dhundegi aur inke parivaar ko protection nahi degi, hum sab dharne me baithe rahenge (All of the 36 communities are a part of the protest and we will continue this protest till the police does not find and arrest the killers and provide protection to Gogimedi’s family),” said Rajawat. 


Shakti Singh Bawra, a member of the Karni Sena, explained to TNI that the Rajput group had earlier notified the overthrown Ashok Gehlot government of the slain Rajput leader facing a security risk for the past one and a half years, however, the government failed to take any action with regards to the charge. “We had already notified the government of our President Gogamedi facing a very prominent danger to his life. However, the government did not take any action and finally what we feared would happen, happened. It is the failure of the government to not protect someone who worked so hard for not just his community but all of the 36 communities, at large,” Bawra said. 

Similar aspersions were made by the Karni Sena Rajasthan state President, Manju Chauhan Jethi, who also blamed the Gehlot government of staying mum when the Rajput group had notified them of a possible attempt on his life. “Humne ek heera khoya hai humare Rajput samaaj ka (We have lost a jewel today from our Rajput community). He used to work for every other community, and yet the government has failed him.”

Presently, all of the protestors have been dispersed by the police personnel from the hospital’s vicinity. 

Gogimedi was shot dead by three assailants who shot him dead at his residence on Tuesday. 

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