New Delhi voting day: What voters say outside polling booths

| Updated: 25 May, 2024 5:42 pm IST

New Delhi: As political fervor intensifies in the national capital, Delhiites brace themselves for the crucial sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections.

At Rahul Gandhi’s polling booth, Nirman Bhavan, voters prioritize development, border security, women’s safety, education, employment, and betterment.

“Today, the defense industry needs to grow. With conflicts like those between Ukraine and Russia, and Iran and Iraq, the Modi government has made significant strides in that sector. Infrastructure and education are also crucial,” stated a voter outside the polling booth.


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First-time voter Ruchi, who received a certificate from the Election Commission for being the first-time female voter, expressed, “I’ve voted for development, female safety, and education. This is our first vote; everyone should exercise their franchise.”

Sachita and Sachin Singh, a husband and wife, emphasised, “Development and national security are key issues. With limited resources, we urge the next government to enhance the nation. Additionally, polling booth management is commendable.”

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Pramod Bhatt added, “Education and health are crucial issues to vote for. I want our country to develop and thrive in a peaceful environment. Regardless of the winner, BJP could easily surpass 400 seats—miracles happen.”


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With voting for all seven parliamentary seats taking place today, the city witnesses heightened security measures and meticulous polling booth preparation to ensure a seamless voting process.

The Indian National Congress has formed a seat-sharing agreement with the Aam Aadmi Party. Out of the seven seats, AAP is contesting in New Delhi, East Delhi, South Delhi, and West Delhi, while Congress is contesting in North East, North West, and Chandni Chowk as part of the alliance.

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