Muslim man electrocutes Hindu wife; Buried dead body in house

In a case of inter-religious love marriage gone sour, Wasi Mohammad from UP killed his wife, Uma Sharma, and buried her in their room

LAKHIMPUR, UP | Updated: 25 December, 2022 4:35 pm IST
The man killed his wife following arguements. He then buried the body in their room

A gory incident involving the murder of a Hindu woman by her Muslim husband has come to light in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the police, Wasi Mohammad killed his wife, Uma Sharma, through electrocution. Mohammad then buried the body in his room.

“Uma Sharma and Wasi Mohammad had an inter-religious marriage seven years ago. After marriage, Uma even changed her name to Aqsa Fatma Begum. They even had two children,” the police said.

However, their marriage was far from ideal, as Wasi frequently squabbled with his wife. “On Wednesday, after a quarrel, Wasi had another fight with his wife. Wasi brutally thrashed his wife and then electrocuted her to death. He buried her body in their room to hide his crime,” the police said.

During the incident, Wasi’s mother, Aashiya Begum, was not in town. Two days after the incident, when Aashiya inquired about her daughter-in-law, Wasi told his mother that his wife had gone out.

When Aashiya could not find her daughter-in-law, upon her return on Friday, she filed a report about Uma being missing. When the police came to the house for an investigation, they found cracks in the floor. “On suspicion, we dug up the floor and recovered the body from the room,” the police said. The body has been sent for an autopsy.

“In the Gola Police station area of Lakhimpur, a woman named Ashiya came to the police station to complain that her son had killed her daughter-in-law because of dowry. After getting the information, police reached the spot and recovered the body,” police officer, Rajesh Kumar, said.

“The police arrested the deceased’s husband on suspicion. The body has been sent for a postmortem examination. Following an investigation, strict action will be taken against the perpetrators,” Kumar said.

Still, in a state of shock, the family Uma is yet to speak in front of the camera. The incident sparked widespread outrage among the Hindu community, with many organisations terming it a case of ‘Love Jihad’.

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