Mumbai local chaos: Passengers rush in before doors open, spark online debate | watch

A video showing rush of Mumbai local train goes viral on internet.

NEW DELHI | Updated: 09 October, 2023 8:26 pm IST
Viral Video Reveals Mumbai Locals Daily Struggle for Commuting

NEW DELHI: In a bustling metropolis like Mumbai, the iconic local trains stand as the lifeline of the city, facilitating the daily commute for thousands. Recently, a video showcasing the challenging conditions of Mumbai locals surfaced online, garnering attention and sparking a debate on the safety and commuting norms.


The video, initially shared on Reddit with the caption “automatic doors in Mumbai trains,” captures the struggles of passengers trying to board a local train. Even before the gate opens, commuters can be seen aggressively pushing each other to enter, banging on the train once it halts at the station. The clip emphasises the normalised rush that Mumbaikars endure, portraying seemingly risky practices as part of daily life. The video has got 19,800 upvotes.

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Automatic door in Mumbai trains
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While some online users argued that the rush is a result of commuters striving to secure a spot and avoid standing or jostling in crowded compartments during their long journeys home, another section emphasised the importance of prioritising safety.


A user on Reddit wrote, “They have no choice. They need to go to work, school, whatever, and local trains are the only practical option for most. Eventually, you get the hang of it.”

Another added, “It sucks to do that every day. Every morning I have to travel like that. My arms and legs hurt as hell at night. Back and stomach hurts as well because of all the pressure of people standing in front and in the back.”

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A third remarked, “Actually, the door is automatic, but the huge crowd is blocking the sensors and putting a lot of pressure on the doors due to which they failed to open properly.” While a fourth shared, “The logical thing to do would be to build bigger and sturdier infrastructure suitable for such a large population, but that doesn’t seem to be working out in practice.”



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