Most American Sikhs don’t stand up for Khalistanis & violence: US Congressman Krishnamoorthy

Congressman Krishnamoorthi, well-known for his strong condemnation of the Khalistani consulate attack, was probed by Executive Editor Rohan Dua about the increasing frequency of such incidents.

| Updated: 24 July, 2023 11:42 am IST

CHICAGO: The Khalistan movement has seen a resurgence in different parts of the world, particularly in countries with significant Indian diaspora populations, such as the US, UK, and Australia. Recent attacks on the Indian consulate in San Francisco have raised serious concerns. Executive Editor Rohan Dua engaged in a conversation with US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, shedding light on the potential threat posed by Khalistanis in the US.

Congressman Krishnamoorthi, well-known for his strong condemnation of the consulate attack, was probed by Dua about the increasing frequency of such incidents. When it was pointed out that these attacks were not isolated, having also occurred in the UK, where the Prime Minister has Indian origins and the the ripples of tension even reached the shores of the West Coast in the US, further amplifying concerns about the impact of the Khalistan movement in the country, Krishnamoorthi asserted firmly that the Khalistanis represent only a minute faction

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He said Sikh Americans do not reflect the broader sentiment of Sikh Americans. He believes that the vast majority of Sikh Americans, along with other Indian Americans, would never endorse or support the violence and aggression propagated by this fringe group.

When addressing worries about potential financial support and the tension generated by Khalistanis between nations, the Congressman emphasized the significance of peaceful resolutions to disputes. He vehemently condemned any form of aggression and violence, citing a recent flyer promoting a rally with alarming language that included the phrase “Kill India.”

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As the conversation unfolded, Congressman Krishnamoorthi’s position remained steadfast – he firmly denied that the Khalistanis pose a significant threat in the US. Instead, he stressed the importance of fostering peaceful dialogue and understanding among communities to address grievances and ensure a harmonious coexistence.

Excerpts from the Interview:

ROHAN DUA: You strongly condemned the attack on the Indian consulate in San Francisco. Let me tell you, Congressman, that the fact today is that these attacks are not very few and far between. It happened in the UK, right under the nose of the UK government, where the Prime Minister happens to be of Indian descent and Indian origin. And then it reached the corner of the West Coast in the US. Do you personally think that Khalistanis are really a bit of a threat here or is it all?

CONGRESSMAN RAJA KRISHNAMURTHI: I believe they represent a very tiny minority of people. The vast majority of Sikh Americans or Indian Americans, in general, would never stand for the violence and aggression promoted by this small group. I recently came across a flyer for a rally that contained troubling language advocating harm to India, and it said “Kill India”. I strongly and emphatically condemn such aggressive behavior. It’s essential to remember that we should always seek peaceful resolutions to disagreements and never resort to force.


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