Moitra Changes LV Bag, Carpools In Dashing ₹2 Cr G Wagon

| Updated: 08 August, 2022 7:23 pm IST


NEW DELHI: It was not a Louis Vuitton this time, but a different handbag, raising questions if it was an attempt to tone down flamboyance, vanity or gravitas.

But firebrand Mahua Moitra is uncompromising when it comes to her fashion statement. The proof is: She dropped her classy Louis Vuitton but came to attend the Parliament session on Monday in a Mercedes G Wagon – a ₹2-3 crore SUV.

However, the buzz in the halls of Parliament is that the Mercedes SUV actually belonged to TDP parliamentarian Jay Galla.

Reacting to The New Indian‘s story, Moitra tweeted, “My dears- this is also Louis Vuitton – the Pochette. Do look it up- will save you time trying to figure it out. The car’s a G-Wagon with an AP numberplate belonging to Andhra MP who we often car pool with. Saved you some detective work here too! Cheers! (sic)”

Earlier this month, Moitra was sucked into a row after it was seen that she had a ₹1.5-2 lakh handbag – Louis Vuitton – kept behind her chair in the Lok Sabha as it debated rising inflation.

Moitra tried hard to hide her bag under the table, but the dichotomy and hypocrisy were too stark to cover up.

The video, of her attempt to hide her vanity, went viral on social media and she received brickbats from many quarters.

But there were some who sided with her. Swara Bhaskar, a Bollywood actor, tweeted, “Doesn’t seem like Mahua Moitra ever tried to ‘hide’ her branded bag. She had a flourishing corporate career & bought branded items with her own hard-earned money? Haw! How controversial.”

However, it became apparent on Monday that the backlash was too much for Moitra, the politician, to take, and therefore, she parted with her Louis Vuitton and carried another handbag.

But she made a statement with the Mercedes G Wagon.

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