Modi Govt Announces Scheme To Recruit Youth Into Forces For 4 Yrs

| Updated: 14 June, 2022 3:10 pm IST


NEW DELHI: The Modi government on Tuesday unveiled a “historic” recruitment scheme, ‘Agnipath’, for youths to serve in the armed forces for a period of four years. As many as 46,000 ‘Agniveers’ will be inducted into the three services this year.

In another significant decision to provide jobs to the youths of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed the human resources departments of all the branches of the government of India to ensure 10 lakh jobs in the next 18 months.

The Agnipath scheme is aimed at making the profile of armed forces younger, fitter and diverse for facing future challenges, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh told media persons. The chiefs of all three services joined the Defence Minister to explain the nuts and bolts of the Agnipath scheme.

A separate rank will be created for the Agniveers. Recruitment rallies will commence within a period of 90 days. The eligible age to apply for recruitment will be in the range of 17.5 to 21 years.

“As for the Armed Forces, it will enhance the youthful profile of the Armed Forces and provide a fresh lease of ‘Josh’ and ‘Jazba’ whilst at the same time bring about a transformational shift towards a more tech-savvy Armed Forces – which is indeed the need of the hour. It is envisaged that the average age profile of Indian Armed forces would come down by about 4-5 years by implementation of this scheme,” Singh said.

An attractive customised monthly package has been designed especially for the ‘Agniveers’, the government said. Risk and Hardship Allowances shall be applicable during this tenure. A one-time Seva Nidhi package of Rs 11.71 lakh shall be given to them after the completion of 4 years.

During the tenure of these four years, a non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh will be provided to the young ‘Agniveers’, as per the government.

Upon the completion of their tenure, the Agniveers will have the option to apply for permanent enrolment into the three services through a centralised window system. “Up to 25 per cent of the Agniveers shall be given permanent enrolment from every batch in the forces,” the government said.

Those selected for enrolment in the armed forces as regular cadres would be required to serve for a further period of a minimum of 15 years as junior commissioned officer/other ranks in the Indian Army, their equivalent in the Indian Navy and non-combat roles in Air Force.

“Both of these benefit the nation as well as young people who are keen to make their mark and serve their country,” officials in the prime minister’s office said.

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