MBS, India, and Pax Americana

India is an obligatory inclusion for as long as it provides cheap brains and as long as the final decision on China gets taken. For allies like these to show independence is something that cant and wont be tolerated.

| Updated: 11 December, 2023 11:27 am IST

Have you ever found yourself wondering, that Osama Bin Laden – a half Yemeni half Saudi man, who was probably behind the 9/11 attacks, was found hiding in Pakistan? So why did the US not invade Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan but invade Iraq and Afghanistan? Or, how could the mighty US space-satellite-drone intelligence network, which can spy on your eye movement patterns on your personal computer, miss those mile-long lines of Toyota pickup convoys of ISIS, that used to frolic around in the open desert of Iraq and Syria?

There is an easy answer of course: Because they can. They wanted to hold on to the Osama boogie till it was beneficial; killed him when it was beneficial; attacked Iraq when it was beneficial; and missed those ISIS trucks when it was beneficial.

The USA has a view of the rest of the world and its people. In that view, the world and its people’s views don’t count. This has a fancy term; it is called Pax Americana. Till the time the Soviets were around, there used to be limits to expression and execution of the same, but that changed post-1990s when, as the unipolar hegemon, America thought it was okay to intrude upon the rest of the world. This, in a nutshell, answers those few questions that I ask in the beginning.

Now you know why Obama was so furious when Russian air force pilots began bombing those Toyota trucks in 2015? This here was an “enemy” that they had carefully prepared, groomed, nurtured, and sheltered, and just about the time these guys were about to take Syria and its oil fields away from Bashar Assad, Putin just decided to fly his planes on them and began lighting them like Christmas trees!

Or, think about Jamal Khashoggi. This was an Islamic Brotherhood brain with serious heft within the global elite circles, had a massive network, and – this is most important – was the one man with probably the ability to restrict Mohammed Bin Salman al Saud to a major extent. MBS, at that time, with his coup on the royal family had upset a lot of US equations within KSA; he was terribly unpopular within the US deep state. To make things worse, MbS not only decided to take Khashoggi out, but he got executed in the most outrageous manner, inside the Saudi embassy of a NATO member state! The body was never found.

What is the point that I am trying to make? The Russian onslaught on ISIS, or the taking away of Crimea, and MbS making Khashoggi ‘disappear’ forever – these are what qualifies as ‘unacceptable behaviour’ in the eyes of the global hegemon. The US government(s) thinks that only they are entitled to eliminate people, balkanize territories, or upset elections wherever they want; for anyone else to have this kind of wish is against the nature of rules-based international order.

Well, almost. The Americans have grudgingly extended this right to a few other states. Like Israel. Israel has a long record of eliminating persons that they consider a threat. But this has narrow limits that mostly restrict itself within operations to address threats to Israeli territorial integrity. The Brits and the French also feature, but that’s about it. Their operations are too few, and too far below the radar for the international community to even guess. Bigger broader operations, like destabilizing a government, hijacking an election etc – do not happen without US intervention/supervision.

Anyway, coming back to what the US deep state considers ‘unacceptable behaviour’. Russia, or Iran, one can still understand. These countries are not US friendlies. They have a long history and most of it has been about not giving in to Pax Americana. And that is why the MBS-Khashoggi affair potentially blew the top off the US deep state! Think about it. A – MBS murders a US agent. B – this agent is a US citizen. C – this happens in a NATO state (which is as good as it happens within the US territory). D – MBS is from a family that has been a US ally for more than half a century. And E – an ally of the US means yes-man of the deep state; an ally is to bow down, nose touching its knees, if asked to nod.

And so, after the disruption that was Donald Trump, when Joe Biden came to power, he wanted to turn KSA into a ‘pariah’ to make an example out of it, not to the rest of the world, but to US allies – about the perils of not running when asked to walk.

I hope I can now assume you have some idea about why Uncle Sam is so displeased with India. It began with Ukraine. Then it persisted with the de-dollarisation initiative. And now Uncle thinks that India has planned an MbS-style operation on some Khalistani terrorists living in America. This is an alarming trend! Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and now India – this behaviour is not just spreading, but it is spreading even within US allies. If allies (read slaves) don’t exhibit pliancy, how could the deep state execute Pax Americana around the world?

And India is not even a ‘true’ ally. India is a brown, non-Abrahamic, non-Western runt; in short, India is an obligatory inclusion as long as it provides cheap brains and as long as the final decision on China gets taken. Such members exhibiting such behaviour probably need election interference. Otherwise, what happens to Pax Americana?

Arindam Mukherjee is a geopolitical analyst and the author of JourneyDog Tales, The Puppeteer, and A Matter of Greed. 

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