Manish Sisodia Writes To LG Demanding CBI Probe Into MCD Scam

Manish Sisodia demands CBI probe into the alleged Rs 6,000 crore scam in BJP run Municipal Corporation of Delhi

| Updated: 06 October, 2022 2:35 pm IST
Manish Sisodia dismisses the allegations of BJP amidst the Excise Policy Row while addressing a press conference today

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday wrote to the Delhi LG VK Saxena demanding CBI probe into the alleged Rs 6,000 crore scam in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) run Municipal Corporation of Delhi. This is the second time Sisodia has written about the alleged scam to LG.

“I had recommended the LG to order a CBI probe against MCD’s scam two months back. Let alone processing the request, he didn’t even acknowledge the letter,” Sisodia stated.

He continued: “Why hasn’t the LG ordered an enquiry into the 6,000 crore scam in BJP-ruled MCD? Seems like LG deliberately paid no attention but got my house raided by the CBI. But they couldn’t find anything in the investigation. LG has no work left but to interfere in the democratically elected government’s work by ordering fraudulent and malicious investigations against us. I beseech the LG to rise above petty politics and order a CBI inquiry into BJP-ruled MCD’s 6,000 crore scam.”

Sisodia further said AAP swears by honesty and no investigation can shake their government.

In his letter, the 50-year-old requested LG to rise above “petty” politics and order a CBI inquiry into this matter immediately. “Through this letter, I want to draw your attention once again to the scam that took place during BJP rule in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, due to which the MCD has suffered a loss of about Rs 6,000 crores. Despite having so much proof in front of you, probably, you cannot see corruption in the matter because here the corruption has been done by BJP,” Sisodia alleged.

“You and the BJP created a ruckus about the so-called liquor scam in Delhi. You even directed the CBI to raid my house. But what came out of it? Nothing? BJP misled the people that a liquor scam of Rs 10,000 crore had taken place. Your office also told the media that there was a liquor scam of ₹ 144 crore. But you could not find a scam of even a single penny in the matter,” he concluded.


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