Manipur: Women in Kangpokpi begin 24×7 sit-in-protest for separate adminstration

The Kuki-Zo womenfolks in Kangpokpi district, Manipur launched a non-stop 24×7 sit-in-protest at Gamgiphai till the demand for separate administration is realized.

MANIPUR | Updated: 16 October, 2023 1:02 pm IST
Women in Kangpokpi begin 24x7 sit-in-protest for separate adminstration

MANIPUR: The women of the Kuki-Zo community in Manipur’s Kangpokpi district initiated a non-stop round-the-clock sit-in demonstration on Monday at Gamgiphai. The protest started with the participation of numerous Kuki-Zo women, alongside leaders from the Tribal Unity Sadar Hills Kangpokpi committee.

A Kuki-Zo women leader, representing the female members, told The New Indian that the women of her community, in unity and agreement, have decided to initiate an uninterrupted sit-in protest that will continue round-the-clock from Monday.

Their objective is to promptly draw the Centre’s attention to their demand for a separate administration, and they are committed to protesting until their demand is met.

The Kuki-Zo womenfolks in Kangpokpi district launched a non-stop 24×7 sit-in-protest at Gamgiphai.

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She said that their demand for a separate administration is very much legitimate and is not against the constitution and or the Indian government. “We want separation from the oppression, subjugation, and biases of the Manipur government.

“Having faith in the Government of India we have lifted the economic blockade along the National Highways and also decided to claim the dead bodies of loved and dear ones lying in the morgue,” she further stated.

Nevertheless, discussing the indifference of the central government, she expressed, “Despite receiving all forms of possible support and cooperation, the central government has still not paid heed to our concerns, which has led us to initiate this protest.

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She also emphasised that national investigative agencies like the CBI and NIA have initiated inquiries into various cases, so they seek fair treatment and justice.

“The investigations of the CBI and NIA should not be biased and free of nepotism,” she said.

The Kuki-Zo women have also decided to continue with their protest at night. They chanted slogans like “We seek separate administration” and “No solutions, no peace” when they commenced the relay sit-in-protest.

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