Love Knows No Boundaries: Mexican Woman Marries Howrah Man

| Updated: 20 June, 2022 6:50 pm IST
Arijit Bhattacharya and Leslie Delgado’s love transcended all boundaries

NEW DELHI: Their story reminds one of the once-famous song ‘Saat Samundar Paar…’ from Vishwatma, a film that launched the late Divya Bharti in 1992.

Leslie Delgado transcends all boundaries – mental, physical, imaginary, political, cultural and language along with COVID restrictions – as she flew down from Mexico to marry Arijit Bhattacharya on Sunday.

It was a love story of the millennial age as Bhattacharya, 39, and Delgado, 36, have not met before in person. They met through an online dating app in 2020. Their love blossomed through the pandemic times as they kept in touch, and kept talking to each other as travel restrictions meant they could not meet in person for two years.

And when they decided to meet, fate had other plans as Bhattacharya could not get a visa as no slots were available at the Mexican embassy in New Delhi.

Interestingly, Delgado speaks only a smattering of English while Arijit knew very little of Spanish that she speaks. Yet, love transcends all boundaries.

Sharing their love story with The New Indian, Bhattacharya said, “I met her through an online dating app during the first lockdown. I only knew introductory level Spanish. But we kept on talking to each other through social platforms.”

“We were desperate to meet each other in person but recurrent lockdown and covid waves acted as the barrier. There’s no direct flight from Mexico to India hence meeting each other is more complicated. Finally, one day she told me that she is coming to India anyhow,” an elated Bhattacharya said. Interestingly, Leslie did not even have a passport at that time, he added.

While Delgado applied for a passport, Bhattacharya started researching and learning about the procedures keeping in mind that she might face communication issues throughout the trip. Delgado finally arrived in India on April 29 on a tourist visa that allowed her to stay in the country for three months.

The couple took a short trip to the cool climes of Shimla and by the time they returned they knew they were made for each other. They put an official seal on their relationship with a registry marriage on June 19.

Expressing her love, Delgado wrote an emotional social media post. “…since you came into my life you have always tried to make sure that I am well. I do not remember that I am in another country and on another continent far from all those who love me. You make my life happier and I hope it is like this for all the days that we have left to live.”

Bhattacharya is planning to visit Mexico once their social marriage takes place on July 5.

Bhattacharya’s parents knew that their son was talking to someone but they had no inkling that she could come to India. However, once Delgado came, they both were elated and backed the couple’s decision to get married.

Delgado, who hails from a business family, is learning Bengali from Bhattacharya and his parents while she is slowly teaching them Spanish.

Talking about his future plans, Bhattacharya said that he has plans to settle in Mexico.

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