Lord Ram empowered us to fight Covid: Bharat Biotech founders in Ayodhya

| Updated: 23 January, 2024 8:31 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Amidst the presence of notable industrialists and business magnates seeking blessings at the consecration ceremony in Ayodhya on January 22, a significant duo from Bharat Biotech, the creators of Covaxin, India’s first indigenous Covid-19 vaccine, also marked their attendance.

The New Indian‘s Executive Editor Rohan Dua, an official invitee to the event, had an exclusive conversation with the power couple, Dr. Krishna Ella, founder and managing director of Bharat Biotech, and Suchitra Ella, co-founder and director of Bharat Biotech. The couple attributed their ability to navigate through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and develop India’s homegrown vaccine to the divine blessings of Lord Ram.

Reflecting on the challenging times of the pandemic, Suchitra Ella shared with TNI, “We come from a very spiritually grounded background. That’s how we have grown up. Our forefathers were like that. And even during the pandemic, I left my challenges in front of the divine. And I have always told Him that these are challenges not just for us but for the whole world.”

Emphasising the collective responsibility for societal and public health during the crisis, she said, “We have to do it for society and for public health. You always reach out to something that is beyond your understanding. It’s always a strong force that takes us forward, and if we know we are doing the right thing, the intention is right, and we put our hard work and our energies together, then we will all see outcomes like vaccines which helped us all.”

After seeking divine blessings from Lord Ram in Ayodhya, Krishna Ella expressed his ambition, stating, “I want to put India at the global top. India should reach that point in technology not just for us but for everyone.” The couple’s commitment to advancing India’s technological prowess aligns with their vision for collective progress and global impact.

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