Like UP’s Jyoti Maurya, Bihar’ Jyoti too leaves her husband for her paramour

Man finances his wife’s ambition, she left him for her paramour after becoming a police officer

| Updated: 25 July, 2023 12:25 am IST
Priyaranjan sold his lands to finance his estranged wife's ambition 

PATNA, BIHAR: In a shocking case from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, a man, Priyaranjan, has come forward with allegations against his wife, Jyoti, who is a police officer.

Priyaranjan claims that after helping Jyoti become an inspector by selling his land and financing her exam preparation, she now threatens him and plans to live with her lover.

Their love story began in their school days, when Priyaranjan fell for Jyoti, despite family objections. The two decided to marry and faced many challenges, including financial struggles. Priyaranjan took loans and sold his land to support Jyoti’s education and her dream of becoming a police officer.

In 2012, Jyoti started preparing for the BPSC exams, and the couple moved to Delhi. Their lives seemed to be on track, with Priyaranjan working in real estate and Jyoti in a private bank. However, things took a turn after demonetisation, and they returned to Muzaffarpur.

Priyaranjan and Jyoti in happier times


While Jyoti continued her BPSC preparation, Priyaranjan remained unaware of her developing relationship with a man named Someshwar Nath Jha, who attended the same coaching classes. Eventually, both Jyoti and Someshwar became inspectors in the Bihar Police.

Trouble began when Jyoti’s behaviour changed drastically after getting the job. She refused to live with Priyaranjan and threatened him with harm or false charges. Despite Priyaranjan’s efforts to reconcile, Jyoti remained adamant.

What’s more shocking is that Priyaranjan had financially supported both Jyoti and Someshwar during their exam preparation. He claims to have given them 20 lakh rupees to manage the exam centre by selling his land and borrowing from friends. However, now, when he asks Someshwar for repayment, Jyoti becomes confrontational.

Even their ten-year-old son Reyansh reveals disturbing details, stating that when Priyaranjan was away, Jyoti used to take them to Someshwar’s house, where they would stay for days. Priyaranjan’s son recalls being made to sleep in a separate room while his mother and Someshwar shared another room.

Feeling betrayed and seeking justice, Priyaranjan has filed a complaint against Jyoti with the SDPO (East). He hopes to find a resolution to his painful ordeal and safeguard his son’s well-being.

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