Liberia seeks collaboration from Technopark: African delegation

During their visit to Technopark today, the delegation engaged with Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd), CEO of Technopark, commending the Park’s infrastructure.

| Updated: 27 February, 2024 7:52 pm IST
Liberia Seeks Collaborations from Technopark: African Delegation

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Emphasizing Technopark as a nexus of people, technology, and an eco-friendly atmosphere, a delegation from Liberia has expressed eagerness to partner with companies from India’s premier IT Park.

During their visit to Technopark today, the delegation engaged with Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd), CEO of Technopark, commending the Park’s infrastructure. Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd) delivered a comprehensive presentation on Technopark and Kerala’s IT ecosystem, underlining the state’s progressiveness in ensuring a Clean, Safe, and Digital Kerala conducive to business growth.

Mr Augustus J Flomo, Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance, Liberia, described the experience of witnessing the convergence of people, technology, and an ideal climate as remarkable.

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Mr Flomo lauded Technopark’s eco-friendly environment as a hub where professionals innovate and address global challenges, advocating for this model to be emulated worldwide, particularly in Africa.

“In India, such a model exists, and we need it in Africa, especially Liberia. You have fostered an environment supported by people, and the pioneers behind Technopark have made commendable decisions,” remarked Mr Flomo, also the CEO of Gusceman, INC.

Expressing admiration for the supportive mindset towards technological advancement, Mr Flomo highlighted Kerala IT’s logo, symbolizing people’s central role, as a testament to India’s strength. He emphasized Africa’s need for strategic partnerships between the government and the private sector to foster IT sector growth.

While acknowledging the challenges of creating Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Liberia due to scepticism and resistance, Mr Flomo stressed the importance of transforming mindsets at the heart of development, exemplified by Technopark. Mrs Cecelia CK Flomo, Executive Registrar of the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery, praised the cultural and social involvement of women at Technopark, foreseeing great achievements through gender-inclusive workplace coordination.

Mr Theophilus Wah, Finance Head of the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery, commended Technopark for its contribution to the country and highlighted Kerala’s high literacy rate as instrumental in shaping a holistic mindset. He expressed Liberia’s interest in forging partnerships with Technopark to facilitate technology transfer to his country.

The West African delegation is in the city to participate in ‘Scale to West Africa,’ organized by Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) on February 27, aimed at showcasing burgeoning opportunities in the West African market.

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