Let the House run: Delhi mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi to members

Delhi mayor appeals to members for smooth running of the House and the conduct of election for the standing committee

NEW DELHI | Updated: 23 February, 2023 7:07 pm IST
Delhi mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi

After a tumultuous night on the chair, newly appointed Delhi mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi has requested the councillors from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to let the house run. She also requested that the election of the standing committee be conducted smoothly.

Speaking to The New Indian, Dr Oberoi said, “I request the BJP to let the house run and the election of standing committee members happen smoothly.”

Talking about her first brush with the chair, Dr Oberoi said, “Yesterday we wanted to conduct the election for the Standing Committee as well. But everybody saw what had happened in the house.”

“BJP councillors caused a commotion because they refuse to accept that the people of Delhi have given the AAP a mandate,” Dr Oberoi said.

“Tomorrow, we will try to hold the election for the Standing Committee. I request that the BJP councillors cooperate with us and allow the functioning to continue,” Dr Oberoi added.

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On Wednesday, February 22, the MCD house was transformed into a wrestling ring, with blows being exchanged between AAP and BJP elected councillors during voting for the selection of six standing Committee members.

Slaps, blows, half-eaten apples as darts, and elbows in the ribs – BJP and AAP councillors employed every trick in the book of physical attack and self-defence to outwit each other on the day when Delhi finally got its mayor and deputy mayor.

One would assume that with that, the MCD house would witness some semblance of normalcy. Instead, what we got was a live telecast of unprecedented levels of chaos and drama in the intervening nights of Wednesday and Thursday in the MCD house due to disagreement between the BJP and AAP on the selection of members of the most important panel in the house – the standing committee. Both AAP and BJP members broke into fistfights from time to time, leading to frequent adjournments.

The process of the election began at 6 pm on Wednesday. There were at least 14 adjournments till 8.20 am on Thursday, February 23, with no members of the Standing Committee being selected.

The BJP councillors wanted to cancel the votes of 45 members who voted while carrying mobile phones with them.

However, the AAP’s newly elected mayor, Dr Shelly Oberoi said re-election could not take place as there were a limited number of ballot papers. The house has been adjourned till 10 am on Friday, February 24.

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