Lawrence-Goldy gang resembles Dawood’s D-Company: NIA chargesheet

NIA exposes shocking links, highlighting the rise of Lawrence Bishnoi as a feared terror syndicate leader.

New Delhi | Updated: 26 June, 2023 3:35 pm IST
gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar shares resemblance to the D-Company of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

NEW DELHI: The criminal syndicate of dreaded gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar wears an astonishing resemblance to the D-Company of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in its functioning, according to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

In a chargesheet, the NIA shed light on the gang’s modus operandi, including the establishment of a vast network, involvement in extortion, and the leaders’ strategic positioning.

The Bishnoi-Brar gang has similarities with the Dawood gang in building the associates, doing extortions as one leader operating from Canada and another from the jail, the charge sheet said.

Lawrence Bishnoi, aged 31, has been convicted in four criminal cases in Punjab, including charges of extortion, murder, attempt to murder, and offenses under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Presently in the custody of the Delhi Police crime branch, Bishnoi is being interrogated for his alleged involvement in various criminal activities.

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Goly Brar or Satinderjit Singh, aged 29, is an accused in UAPA and extortion cases and is currently listed as an absconder by the NIA, residing in Canada.

According to the chargesheet, Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar started their gang from their college in Panjab University, successfully recruiting approximately 700 youths. These associates were reportedly capable of making calls to intimidate and even eliminate targets as directed by the gang leaders.

The chargesheet, which includes statements from 224 witnesses, highlights the NIA’s extensive investigation into the gang’s activities.

It initiated its investigations in August 2022, nearly three months after the murder of Subhdeep Singh, also known as Sidhu Moose Wala, allegedly orchestrated by the Lawrence-Goldy Brar gang. Registering a case under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the UAPA, and the Arms Act, the NIA aims to uncover the gang’s wider network, both within India and internationally.

Drawing chilling comparisons, the chargesheet highlights the rise of Lawrence Bishnoi and his terror syndicate, echoing the trajectory of Dawood Ibrahim. Like Dawood, Bishnoi began as a petty criminal, gradually forming his own gang, known as the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

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With the assistance of individuals such as Goldy Brar, Sachin Thapan, Anmol Bishnoi, Vikramjit Singh, Kala Jatheri, and Kala Rana, Bishnoi’s gang expanded to include over 700 associates, generating substantial revenue by 2020.

Bishnoi, akin to Dawood Ibrahim, has become a notorious gangster involved in gruesome murders, targeted killings, extortion, and attempts to destabilize law and order in northern India. The NIA’s chargesheet emphasizes the gang’s consistent aim to disrupt peace through acts of violence and terrorism. The staggering similarities between Lawrence Bishnoi’s rise and Dawood Ibrahim’s ascent as a criminal mastermind raise concerns over the growing influence of these syndicates and their potential impact on national security.

Dawood Ibrahim, who commenced his criminal activities as a petty criminal in the 1980s, gradually established the infamous D-Company. With a membership of over 5,000 individuals, Dawood’s gang generated significant revenue, becoming one of the world’s most powerful underworld organizations by the early 1990s. Dawood’s involvement in the 1993 Mumbai Attacks further cemented his notoriety, with the United States designating him a global terrorist in 2003. Dawood’s terror syndicate continues to pose a threat to India through various criminal activities, including riots, terrorism, and counterfeit currency operations.


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