Kuno tragedy continues: 2 more cheetah cubs die in MP; Death toll touches 6

Officials fear extreme heat might be one of the factors behind the deaths of cubs

| Updated: 25 May, 2023 9:09 pm IST
Three cubs of Jwala have died at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh

NEW DELHI: The central government’s ambitious plan to reintroduce the cheetah suffered yet another jolt as it came to light that the cub who died on Tuesday was not the only one. Two of its siblings also suffered a tragic end.

With the latest news, three, out of four cubs born to a cheetah named Jwala, died in Kuno National Park. For now, the park has just one cheetah left.

“The post-mortem proceedings are being conducted as per the standard protocol,” an official told The New Indian. “With the latest loss, the number of adult cheetahs stands at seventeen, while there is just one cub.”

On May 23, it was reported that one cheetah cub died at KNP, however on the same day the condition of the remaining three cubs did not seem normal.

Incidentally, May 23 was also the hottest day of this summer season. The day’s maximum temperature was around 46-47 degree Celsius. The extremely hot winds and heat waves continued throughout the day.

“The condition of the two cubs was extremely bad and despite all efforts for treatment, they could not be saved. One cub was kept in critical condition at Palpur Hospital under intensive treatment and monitoring. He is being continuously treated,” the official said.

“For treatment, constant advice is being sought from our Namibian and South African associate cheetah experts and doctors. The said cub is currently under intensive treatment and his health condition is stable. The female cheetah, who is currently healthy, is being continuously monitored,” the official added.

The four cheetah cubs were found to be weak and less than normal in weight. The female cheetah Jwala is a hand-reared cheetah who has become a mother for the first time.

Cheetah cubs that died are about eight weeks old and at this stage, cheetah cubs are generally inquisitive and walk with their mother continuously.

According to cheetah experts, the survival rate of cheetah cubs in Africa is generally very low.

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