Kuki-Zo community’s nationwide rally demands separate administration

| Updated: 29 November, 2023 8:27 pm IST
Thousands of members from the Kuki-Zo community took to the streets across the nation,

NEW DELHI: In a widespread show of solidarity, thousands of members from the Kuki-Zo community took to the streets across the nation, fervently advocating for the establishment of a separate administration.

The extensive rally spanned multiple cities, reflecting the resolute desire of the Kuki-Zo community for administrative autonomy.

Today, citizens participated in marches held in nine towns, cities, and 17 villages throughout the country as part of a nationwide rally advocating for a distinct administration for the Kuki-Zo kindred tribes in Manipur.

Organised under the umbrella of Zo United, a civil society organisation representing all Kuki-Zo kindred tribes in Manipur, the rally addressed concerns over the policies of the Biren Singh government, alleging that these policies had strained relations and eroded trust between the Meiteis and the tribals, culminating in outbreaks of violence.

In Churachandpur, demonstrators affiliated with Zo United embarked on a three-kilometre march from Lamka Public Ground to the ‘Wall of Remembrance’ near the DC office. They implored the central government to expedite the process of establishing a distinct administration in regions of the state predominantly inhabited by the Kuki-Zo community.

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Highlighting alleged discrimination against Kuki Zo students, a statement accompanying the memorandum expressed pessimism about the community’s prospects for fair treatment in government recruitment. Zo United convener Albert Renthlei, speaking to the media, noted that a prior memorandum on the issue had been submitted to the Centre without receiving a response.

In a bid to escalate their plea, the protestors submitted another memorandum to Union Home Minister Amit Shah through the deputy commissioner.

Zo United convener Albert Renthlei reiterated that a previous memorandum had been submitted to the Centre, but the community had not received a reply.

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Moreover, protests were staged in villages in Phrezawl and Jiribam districts of Manipur.

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