Kerala CM hails SC order, says it could impact polls

| Updated: 10 May, 2024 6:31 pm IST

Trivandrum: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan emphasised the significance of the Supreme Court’s decision to grant interim bail to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, framing it as a resolute response to the BJP’s covert attempts to undermine democracy through abuse of power.

He stressed that this verdict would leave a lasting impact on the nation’s democratic fabric and shape the outcome of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Vijayan highlighted the impossibility of authoritarian regimes perpetually stifling dissent, noting that the BJP’s move to imprison a chief minister for opposing the central government undermined democratic principles.

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Furthermore, Vijayan criticised the Narendra Modi government’s reluctance to engage directly with the electorate, suggesting that the Supreme Court’s ruling exposed the fallacy of the BJP’s belief that public sentiment could be manipulated through divisive tactics and suppression of opposition voices.

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With each passing day of the election campaign, Vijayan observed the BJP’s diminishing position, attributing it to their evident desperation. He underscored that the verdict not only invalidated the central government’s questionable actions but also cautioned against the misuse of agencies like the ED for political ends.

Vijayan expressed hope for Arvind Kejriwal’s strengthened commitment to the democratic struggle upon his release, further emphasizing the importance of safeguarding democratic values in the face of authoritarian tendencies.

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