Jungle Raj Returns: Violence erupts in Patna after broad daylight shootout

Sources suggest that the gunfight between the two factions is a culmination of an ongoing land dispute between them.

Patna | Updated: 20 February, 2023 4:09 pm IST

The law and order situation appears spinning out of control in Bihar’s Patna after a gunfight escalated into full-fledged violence. A minor dispute over a parking issue on Sunday led to a shootout between two groups killing two, and injuring three people. Reportedly, over 50 rounds were fired in broad daylight in a public place.

Following the incident, a group of people clashed with police and set fire to buildings in Jethuli village located in the Fatuha area on the outskirts of the capital city, where the accused resides. A house, a community hall, and vehicles belonging to the accused were set ablaze before police reached the spot to bring the situation under control.

The violence continued on Monday when a group of people set fire to a cigarette godown, house, and community hall in Jethuli village. Mediapersons covering the incident were assaulted by the group and their equipment was broken. Police are monitoring the situation in the area, as it remains tense. Senior police officials are camping in the area to assuage the belligerent groups, while a huge police force has been deployed in the area owing to the tense situation. Police dispersed the violent mob, and arrested two people for creating a ruckus and arson on Monday.

Reportedly, two groups- Baccha Rai and Chanarik clashed in Jethuli village. In the ensuing gunfight, over 50 rounds were exchanged between the groups armed with rifles, 9mm pistols, and country-made guns. Two people- Gautum (25) and Roshan (18) belonging to the Chanarik gang lost their lives, while three others were injured. The violence erupted outside a gym when Baccha Rai and Chanarik got into an altercation at the car parking spot where Baccha Rai had dropped some construction material near the gym. This angered Chanarik when he arrived at the spot.

Within a short while, supporters of Baccha Rai reached the spot with weapons and opened fire. Police have so far arrested 9 people in the case, including Umesh Rai. Baccha Rai is still absconding.

Sources suggest that there’s more than what meets the eye. The gunfight between the two groups in the parking lot of a gym is a culmination of an ongoing land dispute between them. The fight between Bacha Rai and Chanarik took place over a piece of land measuring 8000 sq feet outside the gym. Estimated at around 3 crores, the land is presently occupied by Baccha Rai.

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