Irfan Pathan has a ‘messed’ Friday

In a grave error, the former Indian all-rounder termed the pious Friday prayers as messed

NEW DELHI | Updated: 27 January, 2023 7:01 pm IST
Irfan Pathan posted a picture of him offering Friday prayers

During his heydays, Irfan Pathan was known for his ability to swing the cricket ball. However, on Friday, Pathan perhaps swung it a bit too far.

In a social media post, Pathan posted a beautiful photograph of him performing Friday prayers along with his father.

However, he captioned it as “Have a messed Friday everyone,” which caught attention as Friday prayers were considered important in the religion.

While Pathan quickly acknowledged the typo in his next tweet, by then his curious fans could not stop wondering why a devout Muslim like him termed the pious Friday prayers as “messed”.

Muslims believe Friday was chosen by God as a dedicated day of worship. Muslim men are required to attend Friday prayers as long as they are not travelling, while women are given the option to attend.

The Pathans, whose patriarch Mehmood Khan Pathan worked in a local mosque in Baroda, are considered devout Muslims who strictly followed the tenets of the religion.

Pathan’s wife, Safa Baig, also seems to follow her husband’s zeal for religion, as one can mostly see her wearing a hijab in public spaces. She also seems averse to showing her face in public and prefers to keep it covered.

As her appearance became a subject of discussion in social media, Pathan at that time clarified that it is her choice to cover her face. Interestingly, born in Saudi Arabia, Safa was once one of the top models in middle east Asia.

Pathan was one of the most talented swing and seam bowlers to emerge from India since legendary Indian skipper Kapil Dev. While he was supposed to fulfil the big boots of Dev, injuries stalled Pathan’s growth, and the promise the Baroda all-rounder showed remained unfulfilled.

Since his retirement, Pathan has been instrumental in shaping cricket in Kashmir. In fact, he is credited with the recent emergence of promising pace bowlers from the valley.

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