Indore wants Congress to come in power, Kamal Nath to become MP’s CM

| Updated: 15 November, 2023 3:06 pm IST

INDORE: Poll-bound Madhya Pradesh is all geared up for the upcoming Assembly elections. The New Indian visited the cleanest city of India to gauge the election mood in the city by talking to the locals and understanding their moods and sentiments regarding the state elections.

Locals shared that the Grand Old party would come to power in the state with many factors such as anti-incumbency and hooliganism working against the BJP-led government in Madhya Pradesh. The New Indian team visited different locations in the city like Holkar Chhatri, 56 Dukan, and Sarafa Bazaar.

Vegetable vendor Om Prakash Bagri expressed his strong disappointment with the BJP government in power and affirmed his support for Congress leader Kamal Nath to become the chief minister. He said, “The Chief Minister would be Kamal Nath. Congress should come to power since BJP has been ruling since 18 years and every person is facing problems. Be it in business or the unemployment situation in the state.”

He went ahead to call the Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia a “hypocrite”. He criticised him for toppling the Congress government last time while also accusing his whole family of being involved in such acts.

“Scindia’s are ‘khandani dogle’ (generational hypocrites). His grandmother also was responsible for toppling the Congress government. They also had their hands in killing Jhansi ki Rani,” he added.

Another local of Indore also echoed the same desire for Kamal Nath to become the CM of the state. He further accused the BJP government of using Hinduism to win elections.

The man said, “They only bring Sanatan Dharma and Hindu Dharma when elections are around to misguide people. Youth are roaming around unemployed. Everyone is troubled here because of the BJP.”

Software Engineer Balkrishna Yadav said that the factor of anti-incumbency will work against the BJP while saying that there is a wave for Congress in the poll-bound state.

He also said that while the Modi factor works in a state like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh doesn’t work on the same principle. “Also as in Gujarat you see the Modi factor works but in Madhya Pradesh this doesn’t work. Hooliganism is also on a rise here. When Congress came into power, it went down so they should get a 5-year term here,” he remarked.

School Principal Meenu Mishra expressed pride in her city and affirmed that it is a self-sufficient city. She also felt that Congress was going to win the Madhya Pradesh elections. She said, “From the past experiences that we had, the mood or swing of Indore is towards Congress.”

She added, “Please understand the topology of Indore. Indore is a very self-developed city. It is a very self-sufficient place, it doesn’t depend on whomever party is in power in the centre or even in the state. It is a very self-developed city and the credit for that goes to Kailash Vijayvargiya who is obviously from the BJP but was not given a chance to lead the state.”

Meenu also said that Kamal Nath, despite being in power for just 15 months, did good work for the state and should be made CM again.

IT professional Sanchit Singh said that the BJP government is not doing good work either in Centre or state. He said, “BJP has not done a very good job. Neither in the centre nor in the state of Madhya Pradesh. We should give Congress a chance here.”

He also said that Rahul Gandhi should be made the prime minister of the country too and Congress should be given a chance in Centre as well as in the state.

Himalti Sharma, a homemaker, said, “BJP makes a lot of promises but doesn’t fulfil them. Salary increment is very less here and promotions are also not offered to employees.”

IT professional, Yogesh Sharma, said, “I think Congress will come to power because of their measures like they are going to bring an old pension scheme and will make gas cylinders available at Rs 500. I think the BJP government now is only providing gas cylinders at rupees 450 to only some people.”

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