Indian Space Conclave 2023 spurs collaboration between India and France

NEW DELHI | Updated: 10 October, 2023 12:22 pm IST
Inaugural ceremony of the second edition of Indian Space Conclave 2023

NEW DELHI: The Indian Space Conclave 2023, organised by the Indian Space Association (ISpA), has opened its doors for its second edition, aiming to deepen collaboration, spur innovation, and foster strategic partnerships in the burgeoning space sector. Running from October 9 to 11, this three-day event has attracted prominent figures from the Indian and French space industries, signifying its global importance.


A highlight of the event was the signing of an impactful Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ISpA and GIFAS, the French Aerospace Industries Association. This significant agreement seeks to stimulate sustainable growth, drive innovation, and promote the adoption of advanced technologies in the space sectors of both France and India. H.E. Thierry Mathou, Ambassador-Designated of France in India, highlighted the fruitful partnership between the two nations in the space sector, stating, “There is a fruitful partnership between India and France in the space sectors. Our two countries have a shared vision in building a resilient ecosystem.


Thierry Mathou emphasised the enduring collaboration between France and India in space endeavours, spanning over six decades. “France and India are linked by 60 years of space cooperation, with the first bilateral agreement dating back to 1964. Our bilateral space collaboration shows remarkable continuity and ingenuity over six decades. From climate monitoring to natural resource monitoring, we can jointly create innovative space applications,” he added.


Thierry Mathou, the Ambassador of France to India, along with French astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, adds their distinguished presence to the conclave

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The Indian Space Conclave 2023 offers a crucial platform for key stakeholders in the space industry to converge, share insights, and explore avenues for collaboration. Lt. Gen. AK Bhatt (Retd.), Director-General at the Indian Space Association, welcomed 24 French companies to explore collaboration opportunities in the future. He expressed, “We look forward to exploring the potential of collaboration and innovation in the space sector, and how international collaborations can be pursued in this domain.”


ISRO chairman S Somanath lauded India’s remarkable achievements in the space sector, including the recent launch of Chandrayaan-3. He remarked, “In India, the space sector has created awe-inspiring events with the launch of Chandrayaan-3. With the New Space Policy and the entry of private players, the sector is rapidly expanding.”

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