Imran Khan’s ex-wife speaks out on Palestine; shares her painful connection

| Updated: 19 October, 2023 9:21 pm IST
Former Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan and Ex-Wife Jemima Goldsmith

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Imraan Khan’s ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith, in a recent public statement, shared her unique perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Goldsmith, who converted to Islam during her marriage to Khan, opened up about the challenges her family has faced in relation to the complex issues surrounding this enduring conflict.

Taking to the microblogging site, X, she talked about her experiences and revealed that her children had encountered antisemitism in Pakistan and Islamophobia in the UK. In her tweet, she also made a significant reference of the assassination attempt on her ex-husband, Imran Khan, in 2022, asserting that he was targeted due to his “proximity to the Jews.”

“I have lived in a Muslim country for 10 years and have been to Gaza & The West Bank, and I also have a historic family connection to Israel. I have personally had (and continue to receive) countless death threats on account of my Jewishness & faced decades of antisemitic abuse.

“The father of my children was shot, according to his would-be-assassin, because of his ‘proximity to the Jews’ – ie. me. Meanwhile, my children have faced Islamophobia in the UK (& antisemitism in Pakistan!).”

View Her Tweet Here:

The Goldsmith family has recently been involved in a public disagreement over the Israel-Palestine issue, with Jemima advocating for a nuanced perspective. In contrast, her brothers, Zac Goldsmith, and Ben Goldsmith, expressed their support for Israel, emphasising the deep divisions and strong emotions this conflict can provoke.

“I realise that Twitter spats don’t help anyone. I have found it hard to disengage – I have Jewish and Muslim family members & friends, whom I deeply love,” Jemima added, highlighting the personal connections that shape her perspective on this contentious issue.

On October 7, Hamas fired rockets into Israel, triggering the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Tragically, on October 17, a hospital in Gaza was attacked, resulting in hundreds of casualties, including children.

Israel attributed the attack to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, while Hamas claimed it was launched by the Israeli Defense Forces. Israel has cited analysis reports suggesting it was a misfired rocket from the vicinity of the Gaza hospital itself.


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