I-T Dept freezes Congress bank accounts, Demands ₹210 Cr in recovery

| Updated: 16 February, 2024 12:59 pm IST

NEW DELHI : The Congress party made a bold allegation on Friday, claiming that the Income Tax department has frozen four of its primary bank accounts on what they termed as “flimsy grounds.

“Democracy has completely ended in India. All the accounts of the country’s main opposition party have been frozen,” stated Congress Treasurer Ajay Maken during a press conference.

Maken revealed that the party was notified on Thursday that banks were refusing to honour their issued cheques. “On further investigation, we got to know that the Youth Congress bank accounts have been frozen. The accounts of the Congress party have also been seized,” Maken stated, as reported by Media.

“Income tax asked for ₹210 crore recovery from Youth Congress and Congress party. The crowdfunding money in our accounts has been frozen. Just 2 weeks before elections when the opposition’s accounts are frozen, it is equivalent to freezing the democracy,” he said.

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Expressing the immediate impact of this move, Maken emphasised that the party currently lacks the necessary funds for expenditures, settling bills, or paying salaries to its employees. “Right now we don’t have any money to spend, to pay electricity bills, to pay salaries to our employees. Everything will be impacted, not only Nyay Yatra but all political activities will be impacted,” he informed.

Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge denounced the freezing of the accounts of the country’s largest opposition party just before the Lok Sabha elections as a severe blow to Indian democracy.

“Power drunk Modi govt has frozen the accounts of the country’s largest Opposition party – the Indian National Congress – just before the Lok Sabha elections,” Kharge expressed on X. “This is a deep assault on India’s Democracy”.

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Accusing the BJP of collecting “unconstitutional” funds for elections while seizing the crowdfunding amassed by Congress, Kharge raised concerns about the future electoral processes. “That is why, I have said that there won’t be any elections in the future. We appeal to the Judiciary to save the multi-party system in this country and protect India’s Democracy,” he urged.

Kharge concluded with a vow to take to the streets in protest against what he called “autocracy.”

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