Harbhajan Singh gets into argument over Rajya Sabha membership on X

| Updated: 24 June, 2024 7:58 pm IST
Harbhajan Singh

NEW DELHI: Rajya Sabha MP and former cricketer Harbhajan Singh, known for his outspoken nature on X (formerly Twitter), recently found himself amid another viral argument. This time, the controversy centred around his Rajya Sabha membership and his role as a commentator.

The exchange began when users started trolling Harbhajan for his cricket commentary. One user, @Professor_cheems, shared a post depicting blood coming out of an ear, captioned, “Kuch nahi bass Harbhajan Singh ki Sayari wali commentary sun li” (Translation: “Nothing, just heard Harbhajan Singh’s poetic commentary”). Harbhajan responded sharply, defending his commentary style.

The argument took a new turn when X user @RahulTavar_ targeted Harbhajan’s Rajya Sabha membership, saying, “Tu bhi nikal ja Rajya Sabha se, wahan bolte hue hamne nahi suna tujhe. Nalla, tankwah kha raha tax payer ke paison pe bematlab.” which translate to, (“You also leave the Rajya Sabha, we haven’t heard you speak there. Useless, living off taxpayer money for no reason.”)

Harbhajan hit back, stating, “Brother my whole salary goes to educating kids who can’t afford it. Not a single penny goes for my use. I am also a taxpayer like you. Don’t get so angry… and if you do want to get some education, let me know. I will take care of your studies too. You need to learn TAMEEZ (manners).”

Another user, @VirMessiSuyash, criticized his commentary by saying, “You are a good bowler, but your commentary is shit.” Harbhajan replied, “Apke muh me yeh tatti hi kyu rehti hai. Aise shabd kyu bolte ho?” which translates to (“Why is there shit in your mouth? Why do you use such words?”)

While many users joined the argument, some thrashed the cricketer, while others supported him, suggesting he should stay away from social media.

This incident follows Harbhajan Singh’s recent comments about former South African cricketer Gary Kirsten. A week ago, Harbhajan urged Kirsten not to waste his time with the Pakistan men’s cricket team and to return to coach the Men in Blue. Harbhajan referred to Kirsten as one of the rarest diamonds and a special man for the Indian team.

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