Har**i, Batshit-Crazy, Uchhake…Rajasthan To Australia; Parl Defines Unparliamentary Words

| Updated: 14 July, 2022 2:57 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Even as a war of words has broken out between the BJP and Congress on what all will be banned in the lexicon of the Parliament during its proceedings by the MPs, a 50-page document by a seven-member research team of India’s Lok Sabha secretariat has disclosed that several cuss words in thise list were used in Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh and Australia during state or House sessions.

The expletives used in Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha — that also raises questions about conduct and management by the Speaker on the floor — during last few years include: Harami, Hatyari, Hatyara, Saala, Mustanda, Shadyantra and Ragde Jaana. Some of these epithets and racist abuses were used by Congress leaders agains the Modi government and  BJP MLAs between March 16 to December 2021 Vidhan Sabha proceedings.

While Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi attacked BJP government on why Hindi words like Bhrastrachaar, jumlajeevi and similar descriptions were banned, the saffron party leaders slammed the Grand Old Party saying it must first look into the unruly and rowdy conduct of its leaders inside and outside the House in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Punjab that has forced the Lok Sabha to set a decorum and help countrymen follow civilised debates by politicians.

More than 80 expressions and abusive words originated in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabhas alone.

The BJP also said that it’s a standard practice across the world and Commonwealth countries to ban harsh words and risque descriptions that are offensive to the Speaker and those listening the debates inside their homes on TV or the Internet.

In its 50-page document, Lok Sabha secretary general Utpal Kumar Singh has explained the need to make such a list of banned words inside the Parliament.

“From time to time, some words and expressions are declared unparliamentary by the chair in different legislative bodies in India. Such words and expressions and also those declared unparliamentary in Commonwealth parliaments are compiled by the Lok Sabha Secretariat for ready reference in the future. 

The present compilation contains references to words and expressions declared unparliamentary in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and State Legislatures in India during the year 2021,” the secretary general has said.

The list also contains words and expressions disallowed in some of the Commonwealth Parliaments in the year 2020.

The word corrupt, without any substantiated charges, has been banned for its use five times in 2020 and 2021.

Besides the words, the list also incudes expressions including slanderous ripostes and swipes at the Speaker.

This includes: Sir why are you trying to gag my mouth? Don’t try to gag my mouth… (India’s Rajya Sabha on Marc 24, 2021); Like many in the coalition, such as the member for Hughes, these comments may grab attention, particularly from some groups elegantly described by a Victorian policeman as “the batshit crazy” (Sep 9, 2020 Australia House of Reprsentatives) ; Beaten with shoes… (Feb 9, 2021); Not sure too many of us are going to survive this bullshit- (Ontario L.C., Oct 8, 2020 ); …Today we saw Ministers in Question Time covering up for the Treasurer. We saw them scurrying like cockroaches… (New South Wales L.C., August 25, 2020.

Expressions related to corrupt or corruption that have been banned, include the references from Australia. Such as “Now we have a new corruption scandal… 

…They can smell the stench of corruption from that side of the House now. (Australia, House of Representatives, August 27 and February 6, 2020)

Offensive descriptions were also recorded by the Lok Sabha secretariat in Punjab during Congress rule 

“Congress has been a confused party for 60 years where the drew power from sense of entitlement. When their own Speakers banned such expressions in the House in Punjab, they applauded. When the Lok Sabha does it, they  have a problem. So Gandhis in India alone have the power to define what’s rude for them and what’s not rude for others” said a senior BJP leader.


The LS secretariat, in a reference to ban on word “Fake” has included Punjab assembly proceedings

The phrase is, “ “Here the point is to implement that whether the lollipops given in the budget, the false promises made in the budget reach to the people in right manner or not… (March 9, 2021).

The list has also banned discriminatory expressions used inside Chhattigsarh Vidhan Sabha. These are “Ghadiyali Aansoo, Ghaas Cheelna, Gulchara, Gul Khilana, Girgit, Giddh Disthi, Gadha, khujal”

From Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka, the list includes expressions like : Gunda Gardi, Gundo ki sarkaar and so on.

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