Udaipur’s Muslim Guinness Holder Made Brick For Ram Temple, Seeks Loyalty For India

| Updated: 04 July, 2022 10:23 am IST
Master artisan Iqbal Saqqa with his Sanwidhaan-e-Ghazal, Indian constitution written in the form of ghazal (TNI photo by Sumit Kumar)

UDAIPUR: Iqbal Saqqa, who has brought laurels to the country through his miniature arts including one on the Constitution, condemned the brutal killing of Kanhaiya Lal Teli in Udaipur. He also urged the people to bring peace and work for the development of the country.

Speaking to The New Indian, Saqqa, who has about 90 records in his name including two Guinness World Records, said, “Whatever happened in Udaipur is very sad and condemnable.” “The Constitution is even more important than the Quran and Geeta,” he adds.

Saqqa made the Indian constitution in the form of ghazal on a leather book – just like the original copy of the constitution that is engraved on leather. His Sanwidhaan-e-Ghazal includes 615 verses. It weighs 13 kg and is 22 inches in height and 16 inches in width.Saqqa also made a golden brick measuring 3 mm in size, with ‘Lord Ram’ engraved on it. He also made the world’s smallest ‘khadau’ (Indian wooden slippers) for Lord Ram and a bell, especially for the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Saqqa quips that he got the inspiration to write the constitution in the form of the ghazal as many people were unable to understand the constitution in Hindi.

Admitting that he has not heard what suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma said about Prophet Mohammad, Saqqa said that irrespective of everything one must be loyal to one’s country.

“I didn’t hear what she said because I don’t have any interest in politics. But I strongly feel that I must give everything to my country,” Saqqa, 52, said. “I have only one dream that I have to give something to my country. I haven’t focused on anything else. This is my passion and before dying I want to fulfil the debt of my motherland,” he added.

While the gruesome killing of Kanhaiya Lal Teli has created a nationwide uproar, Saqqa appeals for maintaining peace and brotherhood.

“I want everyone to maintain peace and brotherhood as we all are one. Love and humanity is the only religion. And above religion comes humanity. And if you have humanity then there is no big religion after that,”says  Saqqa, who first registered his name in the Guinness World Record in 1991.

“Udaipur always had a very good environment and I think soon the things will come to normal as the people here are fond of each other,” he said. “Such an incident happened in this city after a very long time. This is a city where we all celebrate our festivals together, I don’t know how this has happened,” he added.

“Mewar region (where Udaipur falls) is known for hospitality and love. And it is the reason why tourists come here. Whatever has happened is very unfortunate,” he added.

A master craftsman, Saqqa waltzed into the Guinness Record book with the world’s smallest Indian national flag measuring just 0.5mm.



Like the brick for Lord Ram, Saqqa also made a brick for the new Babri mosque, which is to be constructed in Ayodhya. It has ‘Allah’ written on it in Arabic. Apart from that, he had made an astava and janawaz, the cloth on which namaz is read.

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