George Santos breaks silence on DOJ charges, faces heat in Ziwe’s unfiltered interview | watch

NEW DELHI | Updated: 20 December, 2023 8:01 pm IST
George Santos, former Congressmen interviewed by Ziwe

NEW DELHI: George Santos, the disgraced ‘politician’ who was expelled from Congress without a conviction and has been charged by the Department of Justice on 23 counts, appeared on the comedian Ziwe’s YouTube show for a one-on-one interview. The comedian who had approached the former Congressman on the microblogging site X asked him “@MrSantosNY would you be interested in a pay-per-view interview? you’d be an iconic guest.”

As we know about Geroge Santos, if life were to give him an opportunity he would stuff it inside his Hermes bag filled with cash. The interview, while being light and comical, had the comedian dedicate a considerable portion of her time to posing probing questions to Santos regarding his career and political perspectives, subsequently challenging the answers he provided.

The comedian introduced Santos as a ‘national joke’ before leading him into a series of questions about his personal life and political career. Ziwe had asked him about his time in Congress. “I wasn’t there to play nice. I was there to expose the rotten corruption, and I did,” he said. “ Republicans and Democrats alike: swampy, slimy people selling this country down a river.”

Ziwe had also pressed the former Congressmen on whether he would run for office again, with him responding that he might and even going as far as to pivot to being an independent rather than running as a Republican.

The viral moment from October was also brought up when Santos was seen running around Congress with a baby in his hands while being asked about his opinion on whether there should be a ceasefire.

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The 35-year-old Santos, faced public scrutiny after it was revealed that his fabrications. Earlier this month, he was ousted from the House, with over 100 members from his own party voting for expulsion. The House Ethics Committee has also issued a comprehensive 56-page report detailing allegations of misconduct against Santos, which served as the basis for the expulsion.

In the report, the Committee listed various examples in which Sanots had lied to donors about campaign finance and used the money to buy luxury designer clothing, credit card payments, a car payment and purchases on OnlyFans.

Watch the full interview: 

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