Foreign interference in Lok Sabha elections 2024

DisinfoLab’s report ‘The Invisible Hand: Foreign Interference in Indian Elections 2024’ With 968 million eligible voters,

| Updated: 20 June, 2024 1:33 pm IST
DisinfoLab's report 'The Invisible Hand: Foreign Interference in Indian Elections 2024' underscores the significance of India's 2024 general elections

NEW DELHI: DisinfoLab’s report ‘The Invisible Hand: Foreign Interference in Indian Elections 2024′ underscores the significance of India’s 2024 general elections, given its status as the world’s largest democracy and an emerging economic and strategic power. With 968 million eligible voters, these elections shape not just India’s political trajectory but also have far-reaching implications for global geopolitical dynamics.

The report delves into how foreign entities seek to influence India’s electoral process by crafting narratives to sway opinions. DisinfoLab alleges that the Henry Lewis Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation are key players in these efforts.

A section of the report zooms in on the role of French media in shaping narratives around the Indian elections, focusing on French intellectuals and media outlets. DisinfoLab accuses the French newspaper Le Monde’ of involvement in these activities. It also implicates French political expert Christophe Jaffrelot, alleging that his statements were used to influence the elections, although others were also involved.

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DisinfoLab further claims that the Henry Lewis Foundation (HLF) and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) funded these efforts, operating from France and the United States. The report also accuses these groups and individuals of more significant actions.

According to DisinfoLab, ‘Le Monde’ published articles on topics like ‘increasing Islamophobia in India’ and ‘defamation of Muslims’ before the elections. Christophe Jaffrelot’s articles were disseminated not only in France but also across many Indian media outlets, leading DisinfoLab to dub him “The Common Source” in their report.

The report alleges that Christophe Jaffrelot received substantial funding from America’s Henry Lewis Foundation (HLF), totaling $385,000 for a project titled ‘Muslims in a Time of Hindu Majority.’

Moreover, DisinfoLab accuses Christophe Jaffrelot and colleague Gilles Verniers of pushing narratives through the Trivedi Center for Political Data (TCPD) at Ashoka University, particularly emphasizing the under-representation of lower castes in Indian politics.

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In today’s world, where information can influence nations and shape opinions, DisinfoLab positions itself as a truth advocate, aiming to unravel misinformation and disinformation webs. Their work, focused on elections, politics, and social issues, seeks to empower individuals and communities with transparent and accurate information, vital for informed decision-making and upholding democratic integrity.

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