EXCLUSIVE | VHP Chief reveals grand plans for Ram temple inauguration on Jan 22

| Updated: 07 January, 2024 2:37 pm IST

NEW DELHI: During an exclusive conversation with The New Indian, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Chief and Senior Advocate Alok Kumar provided intriguing details about the upcoming inauguration of the historic Ram Temple on January 22. He highlighted the spiritual significance of the event and the extensive preparations underway.

The pran pratishtha (consecration) of the Ram temple is scheduled to be completed on January 22, around 12:20 pm. Chief Alok Kumar emphasised that this event is highly anticipated, signifying the end of a 500-year wait. On January 22, around 4,500 saints from various sects, including scheduled tribes and castes, will participate. Additionally, about 2,500 distinguished guests from different fields, such as business, sports, industry, education, politics, military, literature, diplomacy, arts, and more, have been invited and confirmed their attendance.

“Some 2,500 list of invitees, who are in the list and, who’s who of the country in almost all fields – business, sports, industry, education, politics, military, literature, diplomacy, arts, dances, and other security forces and all others whosoever is in the top has been invited, all have agreed to come,” shared the VHP chief.

Representatives from 50 countries and celebrations in over 500-1,000 locations globally will make this a unique and massive event. VHP plans to reach out to 10 crore families, presenting them with sacred yellow rice (pile chawal) through personal visits as part of the celebrations.

Regarding the male deity, VHP Chief revealed that they decided to install a five feet taller idol representing Lord Ram at the age of five. The idol features the characteristics of a beautiful and smiling small boy with the combined attributes of both a young child and the god of the universe.


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The colour of the idol will be unveiled during the ‘Ratha Rud’ ceremony on January 17, as the male deity is taken out in a grand procession called ‘Nagar Parikrama’. This procession, traversing the periphery of Ramnagri’s Panchkoshi, will see the male deity riding a chariot. The male deity will be blindfolded during this period, and the blindfold will be removed on the 22nd during the auspicious ‘Abhijit Muhurat.’

Alok Kumar elaborated, “The Pran Pratishtha programme includes a series of elaborate ceremonies. After the male deity goes around the town and reaches the temple, the next day involves its installation in the sanctum sanctorum. Subsequent rituals include ‘Annawaas,’ where the lord is kept under rice, and ‘Shaiyaawaas,’ a day of rest for the lord. Finally, after all is completed, the cloth over his eyes will be removed, and a glass (mirror) will be placed in front of him so that the god looks at his own image when he opens his eyes. This entire process will be completed around 12 pm on January 22.”

The consecration ceremony will commence on January 18, featuring rituals like ‘Vastu Puja’ and ‘Varun Puja’. The ‘Agnisthapana’ ritual is scheduled for January 19, followed by the installation of the temple’s sanctum sanctorum on January 20. On January 21, Lord Ram will undergo a divine bath with water from 125 pots. Various rituals, including ‘Vastu Shanti’, ‘Anna Daan’, divine bath with water from 125 pots, and ‘Shayadhivas’, will lead up to the male deity’s consecration on January 22.

“VHP is announcing 10 crore families by personally going at their doorstep presenting them with the ‘peele chawal’ – Yellow rice which has been made sacred by puja in Ram Janm Bhoomi temple in Ayodhya. This is not one occasion that you see from your television in one drawing room, it’s a occasion for a collective celebration so come to nearest temple and treat it as Ayodhya and come together collectively, not as mere spectators. When aarti begins chant the aarti, dance and become part of celebration,” shared the senior advocate.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend the consecration ceremony, along with numerous VVIP guests from India and abroad. Enhanced security measures and logistical arrangements are underway to ensure a smooth and spiritually enriching experience for the thousands of attendees.

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