EXCLUSIVE | Mahadev app, Chhattisgarh corruption so huge, we need study now: Assam CM

| Updated: 15 November, 2023 12:16 pm IST

RAIPUR: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, the star campaigner of the BJP in the poll-bound state of Chhattisgarh, has hit out on the ruling government of Congress for purportedly being involved in corruption in the state. He has also affirmed that the Modi factor will work in Chhattisgarh and the BJP will form a government after the elections.

In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, the BJP leader, when asked about the corruption charges alleged by his party against the Congress, said, “Corruption is a major issue here because the kind of corruption, the kind of things people are discussing over here is huge.”

“Whether it is Mahadev case, whether it is coal scam, whether it is paddy scam, I think it is huge. The kind of amount we are discussing is huge. Nowhere we have seen that kind of corruption. I think Chhattisgarh is a state which needs to be studied. Why is there so much political corruption taking place? It is unheard of in any state of the country,” he added while slamming the incumbent government for corruption.

Sarma also exhibited a lot of faith in the saffron party for winning the elections and forming the government. He said, “We are going to win hands down. The mood in the public has completely changed in the last 20-25 days. I have seen now that there is a wave in favour of BJP.”

When asked whether BJP’s no-face policy in Chhattisgarh is an advantage for Congress, as claimed by the grand old party, Himanta said, “I don’t want to react to anything Congress is saying or not saying. The point is that BJP is going to win.”

The Assam CM candidly reacted to a question on PM Modi’s impact on the electoral politics of the state. “PM Modi’s impact is all over the world, not only Chhattisgarh,” he remarked.


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