EXC: Aftaab Treated For Arm Injury Hours After Killing GF Shraddha

New Delhi | Updated: 15 November, 2022 9:58 pm IST

Aftaab Amin Poonawallah, who chopped the body of his girlfriend into 35 pieces, received treatment for injuries in his hand at a hospital in Delhi’s Chhatarpur on the morning of May 19, hours after he brutally killed Shraddha Madan, indicating that she could have struggled for life during the murder.

Dr Anil Singh, who treated Aftaab for a sharp-cut injury in his right arm, told a team of The New Indian that he was aggressive and dominating in nature.

The Delhi Police are verifying whether he sustained injuries while Shraddha fought back or it could have been an accident. A police officer, however, confirmed that he went for the treatment on the morning of May 19.

Aftaab killed his live-in partner Shraddha on the night of May 18, barely three days after they moved into a flat in Chhatarpur Pahari area of Mehrauli.

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Aftaab told Dr Singh that he was injured while cutting vegetables. “When I enquired, he told me that he received the injury while cutting vegetables which is quite normal. The wound was clean and was inflicted by a sharp weapon like a knife,” he said.

“He was very aggressive and dominating in nature. He didn’t look nervous and maintained eye-to-eye contact while speaking to me. I asked him whether he fought with someone, but he denied it,” the doctor said.

He further said that Aftaab told him that he moved to Delhi from Mumbai because he had landed a good job in an IT company based in Gurugram.

Dr Singh said: “He told me that he was from Mumbai. I asked him why he shifted to Delhi. He said that he got a good opportunity in the IT sector in Delhi. He didn’t tell me about his partner.”

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The doctor of Apex Hospital also said that Aftaab was continuously speaking in English. “He was speaking in a very loud voice. He won’t speak Hindi much and pretend as if he does not know Hindi,” he said.

However, there was no sign of struggle on Aftaab’s body, Dr Singh said.

Officials of the Delhi Police visited Apex Hospital and enquired to Dr Singh about Aftaab’s injury.

Aftaab and Shraddha first met at a call centre in Mumbai and started dating back in 2019. When her parents objected to their relationship, the couple decided to shift to Delhi.

He strangled Shraddha on May 18 following a tiff. With the calmness of a professional killer, Aftab first put the dead body in the bathroom and waited for the night to think about what should be done for its disposal.

After spending the night with Shraddha’s corpse, Aftab bought a refrigerator and an iron saw on May 19. With the precision of a chef, Aftab then chopped the body parts into 35 pieces. Each body part was wrapped separately in black plastic bags. He kept the bags in the refrigerator.

The Delhi Police have so far found 14 parts of her body even as they continue to look for the remaining parts.

They came in contact through dating app Bumble in 2019 when she was working at a call centre in Malad, Mumbai. Her parents were against their relationship, but she rebelled and eloped with Aaftab to Delhi

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