EXC: Aftaab Rented Mehrauli Home But Owners Did No Police Verification; Did He Hide Religion?

New Delhi | Updated: 15 November, 2022 4:50 pm IST
The flat where the duo live is situated at 60 feet road in Mehrauli. (TNI photo)

Amid public scrutiny of the Shraddha murder case, The New Indian investigation found that the owners of the Delhi house where Aftaab Amin killed and chopped her body into 35 pieces did not follow due process before renting it out.

As per standard practice, identity verification by the police is a must for giving any residential house to a tenant.

However, the house owners admitted that they did not approach the police for the mandatory verification while giving their apartment to Aftaab and Shraddha Madan.

When a team of The New Indian visited the residence of Rohan and Ashok, the owners of the flat where the crime took place, their mother gave evasive answers but admitted that due procedure was not followed.

“I am not aware of who gave the flat to them on rent. As everyone does, an advertisement was pasted outside the house. They came searching for accommodation and as everyone does, the flat was given to them,” the landlady said.

She said that both Shraddha and Aftaab came together for a rented house.

On being asked whether police verification was done, she said: “I have no clue. I am a homemaker and stay inside my home.”


The New Indian visited the flat where Aftaab and Shraddha lived in Mehrauli.

At the flat situated at 60 feet road in Chhatarpur Pahari area of Mehrauli, the team found a pot full of rose petals – some slightly fresh while others wilted, and laundry drying on clothes rack, suggesting that Aftaab went on with his daily routine without any remorse even after brutally killing a woman he once called the love of his life.

They moved into the flat on May 15 this year, just three days before he dismembered Shraddha into 35 pieces and stored her body parts in a new refrigerator.

He strangled Shraddha on May 18 following a tiff. With the calmness of a professional killer, Aftab first put the dead body in the bathroom and waited for the night to think about what should be done for its disposal.

After spending the night with Shraddha’s corpse, Aftab bought a refrigerator and an iron saw on May 19. With the precision of a chef, Aftab then chopped the body parts into 35 pieces. Each body part was wrapped separately in black plastic bags. He kept the bags in the refrigerator.

The Delhi Police have so far found 14 parts of her body even as they continue to look for the remaining parts.

They came in contact through dating app Bumble in 2019 when she was working at a call centre in Malad, Mumbai. Her parents were against their relationship, but she rebelled and eloped with Aaftab to Delhi.

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