Enough fuel in Gaza but Hamas used all in war: Israeli envoy

NEW DELHI | Updated: 26 October, 2023 3:31 pm IST
The Israeli Ambassador, Naor Gilon said that Hamas was playing the victim in these attacks when its otherwise

NEW DELHI: Following the United Nations’ accusations against Israel of causing a fuel crisis along the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, refuted the claims while accusing Hamas of using the fuel for rockets and other armaments but not for civilians. 

“We are not supposed to send supplies like fuel to Hamas if it is used against our people, according to international law. The fuel had been sent to be used for hospitals and dispensaries but Hamas is using it for their rockets and to pump air into tunnels, clearly violating international law,” said the Ambassador. 

Gilon added that the militant group “is playing the victim” and they are absolute professionals at it which has built international pressure on Israel. “It’s very funny and strange that Israel is making an effort to make cordial ties with Gaza but Hamas, on the contrary, is stealing supplies which are supposed to be for the civilians there. Moreover, since they cannot compete with Israel directly, they have started placing Palestinians on the frontlines to die by shooting from civilian locations,” Gilon said, “They are shooting from schools, kindergartens, places from where there will be maximum outcry, but we are trying to prevent it and control it.”

UN Relief and Works Agency had taken to X to post about how without fuel they will have to halt all operations along the Gaza Strip. The tweet said, “If we do not get fuel urgently, we will be forced to halt our operations in the Gaza Strip as of tomorrow (Wednesday) night”.


In response to which the Israel Defence Forces’ X handle had said directing towards an aerial video of fuel tanks, “These fuel tanks are inside Gaza. They contain more than 500,000 liters of fuel. Ask Hamas if you can have some.” The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that in addition to hospitals that have had to close due to damage and attacks, “six hospitals across the Gaza Strip have already shut down due to lack of fuel.” 

Gilon, however, called these claims baseless, claiming that a narrative is being built against Israel. He said, “These call for a separation in the international definition of what counts as counter-terrorism and what doesn’t. I am sure that India will be able to understand since they have faced it time and again.” He added that they had already warned prior about conducting an offensive in Northern Gaza and had asked the civilians to evacuate but it was the Hamas which was not letting them. 

The Israeli ambassador had made these claims in lieu of heightening tensions between Israel and Hamas, which has led to the deaths of over 1,200 people in Israel, while over 4,000 have died in Gaza. \

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