Dr. Savita Datt’s Prakash Deep Trust: Empowering education for underprivileged children

Dr. Datt’s journey began under a tree in a Faridabad park. Seven children became the seeds of change, and soon their numbers swelled to over 700.

| Updated: 07 April, 2024 12:33 pm IST

New Delhi— Dr. Savita Datt, a retired political scientist and former Research Officer at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, has dedicated her life to transforming the futures of underprivileged children. Her tireless efforts have touched countless lives, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

In 2003, Dr. Datt’s journey began under a tree in a Faridabad park. Seven children became the seeds of change, and soon their numbers swelled to over 700. Prakash Deep Trust, founded by Dr. Datt, established its building—a “Centre for Learning and Library”—where classes from 6th to 12th are held. This humble beginning blossomed into a beacon of hope for the marginalized.

Students at Parkashdeep trust

Dr. Datt firmly believes that quality education can uplift the poor and eradicate poverty. Her father, a government servant, ensured a strong foundation of basic education for her and her siblings.

Speaking to The New Indian, Datt said, “A Drop of Light illuminates that it’s easier than we think to make a difference–to mobilize our communities to level the playing field between the haves and the have-nots–with just the initial investment of a bit of time and love”.

Armed with a degree in political science from Delhi University and later a PhD, Dr. Datt’s life took her to various parts of India due to her marriage to an active-duty army officer. These postings allowed her to understand the diverse cultures and traditions of different states.

An incident involving her house assistant’s children ignited Dr. Datt’s passion for education. She started teaching these children under a tree, which eventually led to the establishment of multiple schools. Over time, the number of such schools grew to six, and an additional school was established in a building. Approximately 650 children now receive quality education, along with soft skills classes.

95 students completed their secondary education, obtaining their Class 10 certificates. 51 students secured jobs after their education, breaking the cycle of poverty and contributing to their families and communities. 44 students completed their higher secondary education, equipping themselves with essential knowledge and skills. An inspiring group of 25 students went on to pursue higher studies, including fields such as MBA, BCA, journalism, and more.

Prakash Deep Trust ensures that children can attend school alongside their younger siblings by providing meals, clean water, and learning centres near slums. This prevents child labour and empowers the next generation. The trust has also introduced technology, including computers and vocational training, to reduce disparities. Their holistic approach prepares students for a rapidly advancing world.

Despite crossing 80 years of age and battling cancer, Dr. Datt remains committed to her mission. Seeing the happiness on the faces of the children she educates gives her immense energy. Her book, titled “A Drop of Life,” shares her life experiences and the ups and downs she faced.

Dr. Savita Dutt book : A Drop of Light

Prakash Deep, as of February 2024, has 640 children enrolled, and Dr. Savita Datt’s vision continues to shine, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more equitable future.


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