DKS or Sidda? Who should be Karnataka CM, Supporters weigh in

While CLP authorises Congress national president to choose the leader, supporters of DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah voice their opinion

| Updated: 14 May, 2023 11:03 pm IST
Supporters of both DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah presented their case  (TNI Photo By Tonmoy Thakur)

BENGALURU (KARNATAKA): Siddaramaiah or DK Shivakumar? Who will be the next Chief minister of Karnataka?

Unable to decide after their massive win, the Congress legislature party passed a resolution authorising the national president (Mallikarjun Kharge) to appoint the new leader, effectively the CM.

While the game of thrones was played inside the Shangri-La hotel in Bengaluru, on the streets, supporters of two main protagonists – state president DK Shivakumar and former CM Siddaramaiah – were at their vocal best as they reasoned why their respective leaders should be appointed for the top job.

“We expect Siddaramaiah to be the leader because 128 seats came because of him. We accept him as our leader, just as people accept him as their leader. Eight crore people in Karnataka accept him as their leader,” one of Siddaramaiah’s supporters said.

A youth supporter said that Siddaramaiah’s policies during his tenure as CM had benefited many. “As a youth, I want to support Siddaramaiah because he has bought a scheme called Indira Canteen, from which Karnataka people used to have food for just ₹5,” the supporter said. “He worked from ground level and that is why we want him to be the CM,” he added.

Another supporter cited Siddaramaiah’s past experience as the CM for his support for Congress leader to become the next CM.

“Siddaramaiah has already completed 5 years (as CM). Before that, he was a minister for 10 years. He is a success as a minister. He knows the pulse of the Karnataka people. He is a very good man, he is a common man. That is why we want him to be the CM,” the supporter added.

Many of Siddaramaiah’s supporters claimed that they had nothing against Shivakumar but wanted the former as CM.

“They both worked hard for the party. But as per seniority, and also the fact that Siddaramaiah is also the former CM, he has to be the next CM,” one of the supporters argued.

Meanwhile, supporters of Shivakumar argued that it was under him that Congress had won a majority after more than three decades. They also spoke about his youth appeal.

“We got the majority under his leadership and that’s why we are hoping he becomes the CM,” Shivakumar’s supporters argued. “High command had given Siddaramaiah a chance before. It is time they give a chance to Shivakumar,” another supporter said.

“He is the youth leader. He has tremendous appeal among the youth. We think the party should give him an opportunity, as it is under him that we got more than 130 seats,” another supporter added.

When asked about Siddaramaiah, Shivakumar’s supporters said, “The real hero is (Congress general secretary in-charge of Karnataka, Randeep Singh) Surjewala, who planned and strategized everything.”

“Everyone contributed. Even workers too. We are asking for Shivakumar because we feel he deserves a chance,” another supporter said.

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