Designer face backlash for using fish as prop

Model wore live fish for a fashion show in Chennai.

NEW DELHI | Updated: 09 October, 2023 5:52 pm IST
Model wore live fish for a fashion show

NEW DELHI: In a quest to do something out of the box a model wore live fish for a fashion show in Chennai.

The video was posted on a Instagram page Make Over by Preethi has gone viral now. In the video, a model was seen wearing a white mermaid-style dress with a pot-like structure on it. A person is then seen transferring the small fishes and water into the plastic pot. In another video, she is seen walking the ramp with the fishes inside the pot and her hand over the plastic object.

However, this viral has sparked controversy as many saw it as animal abuse and cruelty. Reacting to the video One user wrote “U don’t keep so many fishes in such small space, plus they need proper oxygen”.

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Another user wrote Don’t use animal for your fun or fashion whatever u call it . They are not your property stop harassing them.

While the third one wrote “They require proper oxygen for living and they do have a life they ain’t something you people can use in sake of fashion like just other objects Kindly stop this”.

However, some of them even came in support of designer one of the user named shortflames wrote Overall, 60% people consume fish, chicken or meat weekly, according to the National Family Health Survey and here they are questioning this creativity where they are actually safe? Hypocrisy at its peak.

Meanwhile Influencer Urfi Javed who is known for her unique and weird fashion statement also reacted to this and said “I loved it”.

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However, this is not the first time when animal have been used in fashion shows. Recently, a model was seen walking the Paris Fashion Week 2023 wearing transparent skirts which doubled as terrariums. They held real garden flowers and live butterflies. This was designed by Undercover’s creative director Jun Takahashi.


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