Delhi Police files FIR in landfill fire; BJP blames AAP

| Updated: 22 April, 2024 5:36 pm IST

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police has initiated action in response to a fire incident at the Ghazipur landfill in East Delhi. An FIR has been filed against unidentified individuals involved in the incident. The case registered at Ghazipur Police Station, falls under sections 336 (endangering life or personal safety of others) and 278 (making atmosphere noxious to health).

The Delhi Fire Service reported that the fire, which broke out on Sunday evening, was fueled by gases emanating from the massive pile of waste. Residents, including Ram Kumar from Gharoli village, expressed concerns over the poisonous smoke affecting their health and daily activities. Some residents reported being unable to send their children to school due to the smoke.

Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi assured that measures were being taken to address the issue and that the smoke would be controlled within the next five hours. She emphasized the need to focus on resolving the situation rather than engaging in politics.

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Meanwhile, Delhi BJP President Virendra Sachdeva, along with opposition leader Sardar Raja Iqbal Singh and Delhi BJP’s media head Praveen Shankar Kapoor, visited the Ghazipur landfill site this morning. The Delhi BJP demanded that the Delhi government clarify who is responsible for the recent accident.

Opposition leader Sardar Raja Iqbal Singh highlighted that out of the 25 trommel machines at the Ghazipur landfill site, 13 are faulty, leading to a halt in waste disposal activities.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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