Delhi love jihad murder: Experts points at societal decline

Sakshi murder case raises multiple questions for society, say experts

| Updated: 30 May, 2023 7:14 pm IST

NEW DELHI: The gruesome CCTV footage of Sahil Khan stabbing 16-year-old Sakshi 34 times before rupturing her skull with a concrete brick, leading to her death, brought out the probable psychotic mindset of the 20-year-old.

But what’s equally shocking is that the entire criminal act took place on a road filled with passersby who chose to be oblivious to the gruesome act. Stunningly, no one intervened to save the 16-year-old.

The societal indifference led to a platitude of questions as to where society, which harps on progression and development, is heading. Is it fear, or is it indifference?

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Speaking with The New Indian, Dr Om Prakash, professor and deputy medical superintendent, of the Department of Psychiatry, IHBAS, said, “It is the society we are making. I do not know why we are surprised.”

“Almost after close to a decade in the Nirbhaya case, we are standing at the same place. And we are only declining. We are all responsible for this,” Dr Prakash said.

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Highlighting the fact that in the modern world, people care more about themselves than others, Dr Prakash said, “In today’s world, nobody cares about others. Nobody is worried about what is going on around them.”

“A crime is happening and people act indifferently. The same thing happens during road accidents. Somewhere, it is nothing but societal decline. It is a sad story,” Dr Prakash said.

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The concept of social philosophy shares some kind of bond with each other. Human beings are turning into animals but removing the social part, Dr Prakash added.

Analysing the grisly murder of Sakshi, Dr Rajiv Mehta, consultant psychiatrist, Institute of Psychiatry and Behavioural Science, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, opined, “As a society, we are heading towards doom. Society has greatly changed from us to me.”

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“Previously, we used to think as we are, but now that we are getting so-called progress or modernised we are heading towards me. I have the right. I am right. Society is disintegrating from joint to individual. Family is the basic structure of any society that is evaporating,” Dr Mehta said.

“The crime was committed as if there was no fear, but it was not only a lack of fear. There can be a lack of fear, a criminal mindset and a feeling of righteousness. The same happens when there is road rage or two neighbours are fighting. Also, the pseudo thought that nothing will happen to me plays a key role in such incidents,” Dr Mehta observed.

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“People are so engrossed with their daily routine that intervention into other people’s lives seems impossible. The thought of going to court detaches people from taking any action,” Dr Mehta said.

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