Delhi Live-In Murder Case: Lockup Visuals Show Butcher Aftab Amin Sleeping In Mehrauli, No Guilt

| Updated: 15 November, 2022 10:04 am IST

The New Indian has accessed the first visuals of Aftab Amin Poonawala, the accused in Shraddha Madan murder case, sleeping in a cell in Mehrauli Police station.

The  CCTV footage shows the 28-year-old lying down in the cell that he shares with another prisoner at the police station in Mehrauli in south Delhi.

28-year-old Poonawala, the man who first lured Shraddha Madan into a relationship, eloped with her from Mumbai and butchered her into 35 pieces at a rented accommodation in Chhatarpur.

Gory details of the crime has emerged over the last one day.

Aftab got the idea of killing and dumping the body of his girlfriend, Shraddha Madaan, who left her parents’ home against their wishes to follow her heart, from the popular American TV show Dexter.

And it was the popular search engine Google that helped him zero in on the chemical to remove the blood stains.

Aftab, who had worked as a chef before, chopped the body parts with an iron saw, which is used to cut wood and trees. He also dumped the blood-soaked clothes in the dustbin. Since the crime was committed six months ago, the recovery of evidence has become tougher for the sleuths.

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According to the police, Aftab strangled Shraddha on May 18 following a tiff. With the calmness of a professional killer, Aftab first put the dead body in the bathroom and waited for the night to think about what should be done for its disposal.

After spending the night with Shraddha’s corpse, Aftab bought a refrigerator and an iron saw on May 19. With the precision of a chef, Aftab then chopped the body parts into 35 pieces. Each body part was wrapped separately in black plastic bags. He kept the bags in the refrigerator.

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Aftab also allegedly ground the intestines into minced meat (keema) and stored them in the refrigerator. Police sources said Aftab had bought this refrigerator for this purpose only and till the day of his arrest, he never put anything in it.

Aftab also removed the blood stain with the help of a chemical – hypochlorite – which he googled on the internet.

An investigator told The New Indian that the team of forensic experts visited his house on Sunday to collect the blood stain or other forensic evidence. But it was all removed from the house. According to the police, no blood stains have been discovered on the floor, bathroom, or refrigerator as of yet.

As per latest reports it is also learnt that Poonawala brought other women on dates to his apartment while Shraddha’s body was in the refrigerator.

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