Delhi Govt To Impose Fines On Violation Of Anti-Dust Norms

Intending to upgrade the air quality in the national capital, the Delhi government on Thursday announced a month-long intensive anti-dust campaign.

New Delhi | Updated: 06 October, 2022 6:59 pm IST

Intending to upgrade the air quality in the national capital, the Delhi government on Thursday announced a month-long intensive anti-dust campaign.

While launching the drive, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said, “The anti-dust campaign will be run in Delhi from today till November 6. It is compulsory for all construction sites to follow 14 anti-dust norms. Strict action will be taken against violators.”

At least 586 teams including 33 Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) teams have been formed specially to implement and monitor the anti-dust norms. On violations, fines ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5,00,000 will be imposed by the government as per the NGT guidelines.

Highlighting these 14 norms, Rai explained, “Under the anti-dust campaign, these 586 teams will monitor if the 14 rules related to construction are being followed by the sites across Delhi or not. These 14 rules are: First, all the construction companies have to build huge tin walls around the construction sites to stop the dust from spreading. Second, to stop dust pollution, earlier, it was mandatory to install an anti-smog gun on site with an area greater than 20 thousand sq meters till now. But now there is a modification in this provision and each site with an area above 5 thousand sq meters needs to have an anti-smog gun.”

He continued: “Third, construction or demolition work is required to be covered with tents or nets. Fourth, it is mandatory to clean the vehicle, including its tires, carrying the construction materials. Fifth, it is also mandatory to cover construction-related vehicles. Sixth, construction materials and debris from demolition are required to be thrown at a designated spot and not around the sites or in their vicinity. Seventh, any construction material like soil or sand cannot be left uncovered.”

“Eighth, stone cutting during construction cannot be done in the open and wet jetting should be used to cut stones. Ninth, it is required to spray water in non-cemented and muddy areas to avoid the spreading of dust. Tenth, construction or demolition sites with an area greater than 20 thousand sq meters need to have a metalled road with black topple so that transportation of vehicles does not result in spreading of dust,” Rai added.

“Eleventh, waste generated during construction or demolition has to be recycled on the site itself or at a designated place. A record of the same should be maintained. Twelfth, it is mandatory to provide dust masks to the workers involved in loading-unloading or carrying the construction material and debris. Thirteenth, medical facilities should be arranged for the workers working on construction sites. Fourteenth, sign boards depicting measures to reduce dust on construction sites should be put up prominently,” he elaborated.

Rai also mentioned since the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) system has been in force in Delhi as per which all the construction sites with area above 500 sq meter need to register them on the portal.

He urged the people of Delhi to abide by these norms and use the Green Delhi App to register complaints. “I am appealing to the people of Delhi to follow these 14 rules from today. If you come across someone not following these rules in your neighbourhood on any construction site or anywhere across Delhi, you can complain on the Green Delhi App by clicking photographs. This will aid us in monitoring and implementing the campaign better,” he concluded.

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